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Volunteer Naturalists & Assistants#

Become a Volunteer Naturalist Assistant with Natural Areas!

Volunteer Naturalist Assistants#

Naturalist Assistants (NA) serve as important aids to Naturalists. NAs assist with group management, props, and activities. Volunteering as a Naturalist Assistant is a good way to take an active role in the education programs and is a great way to gain experience in interpretation, natural history, and group management.

The next Volunteer Naturalist Assistant training will take place in Fall 2024. Look for more information and applications in summer 2024!

Read the full job description.

Volunteer as a Naturalist#

Volunteer Naturalist leads river tour

Volunteer Naturalists are highly trained volunteer educators who share their knowledge and experience with the community. As a Volunteer Naturalist, you will experience beautiful natural areas while you learn how to lead fun, hands-on field trips. An intensive training session of about 80 hours is offered each year.

Previously certified Volunteer Naturalists have said:

"I feel fortunate to have been exposed to your wonderful program."
"I wish the training wasn't over!"
"Excellent program! It has far exceeded my expectations."
"I just love giving programs to the school groups - the support of the Natural Areas staff is fantastic, and the feedback from the children makes my day."

Read the full job description.

Next training will be in Spring 2025.