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Neighborhood Night Out - August 10, 2024#

Register your Neighborhood Night Out by July 1st

Registration begins on May 1

Neighborhood Night Out (NNO) is a celebration of the special things that make Fort Collins such a great place to live - your neighbors and community! Neighbors across Fort Collins connect by hosting "parties with a purpose", combining fun-filled social events like block parties and ice cream socials with educational or community service activities. 

NNO will be held on Saturday, August 10th, 2024. Registration begins May 1. Event hosts will identify what makes their neighborhood special (see below) and an event activity as part of the registration form. 

Participating neighborhoods have more help than ever making Neighborhood Night Out special! Participants are eligible for higher NNO mini-grant awards, bonus grants for connecting with a nearby neighborhood, easy to follow activity guides, assistance from City staff, and priority in visits from City Councilmembers.

Neighborhood Night Out events can still register for the traditional National Night Out Tuesday evening and be eligible for visits from Police Services and Poudre Fire Authority and NNO mini-grant funding.

For inquiries or to join the NNO email list and stay updated on all the latest news and announcements, reach out to us at   

Register your NNO Event Today!

What Type of Neighborhood Do You Live In?#

To help you plan a personalized NNO event, we’ve created some "Neighborhood Types” that describe some of the special things your neighborhood might be or want to be more like. You can select your type based on the descriptions below! You can also build your own wild card type. Collaborate with neighbors to organize themed events aligned with your neighborhood type.

Activity ideas and event planning resources for each type will be added soon.  

Not sure of your type? Take a fun quiz here to see where your neighborhood lands!

Square icon with lineart of the earth connected to plant leaves.


My neighborhood embraces sustainability, conservation, and environmental stewardship.

Square icon with line art of a bicycle.

We Like to Move It, Move It

Active and outdoorsy, my neighborhood is always on the go, biking, walking, or working out.

Square icon with line art of an owl wearing a party hat.

Very Wise & A Little Wild

With an active senior population, my neighborhood knows how to have fun.

Square icon with line art of an ice cream cone.

Sweet Tooth

Let my neighborhood eat cake! We love all things sweet like dessert potlucks or ice cream socials.

Square icon with line art of two hands grasping in the shape of a heart.

Diverse & Divine

We want to embrace justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion (JEDI) work and celebrate our existing diversity.

Square icon with line art of a disco ball.

Funky Town

My neighborhood celebrates arts and culture, whether through outdoor concerts or paint parties.

Square icon with line art of a plate with a fork on the left side and spoon on the right side.


My neighbors and I bond over cookouts, shared meals, and getting to know each other through food.

Square icon with line art of a children's play structure in the center.

Kids at Play

We’re a child-centric community that values all-ages, family activities.

Square icon with line art of a dog.

Whisker Watchers

We’re pet-friendly and wild about wildlife.

Grant Funding#

Limited grant funding is available for NNO events. To apply for grant funding, you can submit your application from April 15 - June 15, 2024, at Neighborhood Services Mini-Grants. For the additional work neighbors put into planning and organizing parties with a purpose that feature organized activities, more mini-grant funding will be available. More funding will also be provided to neighborhoods working together to offer walkable and bikeable, connected NNO events. The application process is simple and straightforward, and we encourage all neighborhoods to apply!

Applications will be evaluated against the following criteria:  

  • Inclusivity - Is there a plan to make people aware of the project or to invite people to participate? Is the project considerate of the wants/needs of other neighbors? 
  • Planning – Does the application clearly describe the project/activity and identify any helpers, outreach/coordination, a timeline, a proposed budget, etc. 
  • Sustainability – Does the proposal consider sustainable practices? (e.g., encouraging reusable options, eating lower on the food chain, composting, etc.) 
  • City Priorities – Does the proposal align with one or more City priorities? 

Consideration will also be given to:  

  • Neighborhood size 
  • Projects/activities that benefit an underserved area and community such as the Designated Opportunity Neighborhoods 
  • Neighborhoods who have never received funds 
  • Neighborhoods who have successfully managed City grant-funded projects in the past 
  • Neighborhood Night Out events on Saturday, August 10th