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Rental Housing#

Safe electrical outlets are part of a safe rental property.

Rental Inspections

The City of Fort Collins has minimum standards for rental housing.  If you believe your home is not meeting these requirements, you can request a rental inspection.  

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Rental Registration

Registration is required for most rental properties in the City of Fort Collins.  Online registration will be available beginning in April 2024.

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Resources for Landlords and Renters

The City offers a variety of grants, educational programs, and resources to support housing providers and tenants.  More information will be available soon.

Resources for Renters and Housing Providers#

You can apply for up to $7000 in grant funding to make improvements to your rental properties! 

Eligible projects include:

  • Electric upgrades
  • Decks, stairs, and handrails 
  • Furnaces/Air conditioners
  • Water heaters and leak repair 
  • Roof repair
  • Skirting for mobile homes

To be eligible to receive grant funds, the following requirements must be met: 

  1. Projects must be complete by October 30th, 2024- ideally in Summer/Fall 2024 
  2. Projects must consist of permitted work* 
  3. Landlords must agree to use a licensed contractor chosen by The City 
  4. Landlords must be registered with the rental housing program prior to project completion 

Rental Inspections#

The City of Fort Collins has minimum standards for rental housing.  This includes things like having windows that open, having working heat and water, etc.  If you believe your home is not meeting these requirements, you can request a rental inspection.  

A rental inspection is an inspection of your home/apartment to ensure that it is meeting the City of Fort Collins Rental Housing Minimum Requirements. This is to ensure that the home provides a safe and healthy environment for residents to live in. Inspectors will look at the exterior, interior, electrical, mechanical and fire safety.  

You can schedule an inspection any time you believe that your rental home is not meeting minimum standards.  We recommend that renters contact their landlord about maintenance or repair before scheduling a rental inspection.  Their rental property is their investment, and they benefit from having it in good working order.  

We recommend contacting us first through phone at 970-657-9521 or email at so we can learn more about your situation and provide suggestions or resources.  You can also fill out an "inspection request form and email it to us.  After the form is submitted, we will work with you to schedule the inspection. 

Rental Registration#

Most landlords will be required to register their rental properties with the City of Fort Collins annually.

Most rental properties must be registered.  The exceptions are if the property is owner-occupied (if you live in the unit and rent out a bedroom) or if the property is in a mobile home park.

The registration system will open in April of 2024.  Owners/landlords who register early can gain access to incentives and prizes, including mini-grants for home repair and maintenance.

The registration fee is $37 for the property.  This base fee includes the cost for one unit.  If there is more than one unit on the property (ex: duplex, triplex, apartment building), then there is an additional $10 fee per unit.

So, if you have 3 units total, it would be $37 (property and first unit) + $20 (2 additional units) = $57.


An example of fee calculations for a detached home ($37), multiplex with 60 units ($627), and three condos ($111)