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Neighborhood Services

Neighborhood News - Hello, Spring!#

Mini Grants: Awardees from Round 1, and Round OPEN!#

Mini Grants: Awardees from Round 1, and Round OPEN!

Congratulations to our Neighborhood Mini Grant Round 1 recipients! In Round 1, we received 15 applications, and the City of Fort Collins awarded $5,120 to 9 neighborhoods. Projects occurring this Spring will include:

  • Tree reforestation
  • Spring egg hunt, sprinkler timer mini-murals activity, and battery recycling contest
  • Raised garden beds and compost pile
  • School's Out for the Summer celebration
  • Book club, rain garden workshop, clothing giveaway, walking group, and more
  • Book faire and luncheon
  • Neighborhood yoga class series
  • "Park It Out" family-friendly fitness class series
  • Rocket party with ice cream social and neighborhood clean-up crew organizing

Interested in applying for a Neighborhood Mini Grant? The Round 2 application opened April 1! Apply by May 14 here. Check out the Neighborhood Services grants website for additional information, and learn more by reviewing the Neighborhood Mini Grants Guide.

Neighborhood Night Out#

Neighborhood Night Out

Neighborhood Night Out (NNO) is an opportunity to celebrate some of the special things that makes Fort Collins such a great place to live - your neighbors and community! Neighborhood Night Out is typically held on the first Tuesday night of August each year. Neighborhood Night Out 2022 is Tuesday, August 2nd. 

As part of a nationwide program, neighbors across Fort Collins get outside and connect with their community by hosting "parties with a purpose", combining fun-filled social events like block parties and ice cream socials with educational or community service activities. Visit the NNO page for updates and ideas for activities to complement parties and address environmental and social sustainability.

Neighborhood Night Out hosts can request visits to their event by City Council, Police Services, Poudre Fire Authority, and City Staff. 

The first 100 Neighborhood Night Out events registered with the City of Fort Collins Neighborhood Services will receive a $25 gift card for their event needs. Events registered after the official July 1st registration deadline are eligible for gift cards, but will not be on the maps for visits by elected officials, City staff, and public safety staff. For questions or to be added to the NNO email list, contact us at 

Neighborhood Night Out events are required to follow current COVID-19 safety guidelines for public gatherings set by the Larimer County Health Department. These guidelines are subject to change quickly in response to changing conditions.

Apartment communities, businesses, and neighborhoods are encouraged to participate! Limited grant funding for Neighborhood Night Out events is available through the mini-grants program. For more information, scroll back up to the top of this newsletter or head to the Neighborhood Services Mini-Grants site.

Register Your NNO Event by July 1

Give back to your community- Volunteer with Adopt a Neighbor!#

Give back to your community- Volunteer with Adopt a Neighbor!

Hello from the Adopt a Neighbor Program! We are in an exciting transition as we move into warmer days and the outdoor tasks that come with it. Below is a list of tasks that we will be offering this spring/summer. 

  • Yard work such as weeding, mowing, gardening, and pet waste clean-up. 
  • Minor outdoor home repair such as painting, fixing loose steps, fence repair, etc. 
  • Errand running such as delivering groceries, prescriptions, etc. 
  • Other miscellaneous tasks that can occur outside the home, such as walking a pet. 

We are currently in need of volunteers! If you would like to sign up to help your Fort Collins neighbors, please click here to sign up and the Adopt a Neighbor staff will be in contact with next steps to become an active volunteer.  

If you are someone who needs assistance with the tasks above, please navigate to this form to request help! We will then do our best to match you with a volunteer as soon as possible. Please note that requests must be made at least 2 weeks in advance.

We are excited for this next season of Adopt a Neighbor and continuing to help those in need in our community! Please reach out to the Adopt a Neighbor staff with any questions, comments, or concerns by emailing

More Information on Adopt-a-Neighbor

Weeds and Grasses#

Weeds and Grasses

Grasses and weeds can be seen sprouting throughout the City along with your favorite spring flowers. During this time of year, the City’s Neighborhood Services Department often receives reports from residents expressing concerns about yard maintenance (or lack thereof) in their neighborhoods.  Like many communities, City of Fort Collins Municipal Code contains weed/grass height restrictions of six (6) inches on developed residential and commercial properties and twelve (12) inches on undeveloped properties.

Code Compliance Inspectors are out in neighborhoods responding to complaints and proactively writing for code violations, such as seasonal tall weeds and grasses. If your lawn becomes too overgrown, you may receive a letter from the City that asks that you mow within a 7-day period.  If the weeds and grasses have not been cut by then, the City can work with homeowners on a reasonable extension. After that, the City may send a licensed contractor out to mow the property, and the owner will be billed for the work completed.

Friendly communication with your neighbors regarding issues is highly encouraged and a good starting point for keeping your neighborhood beautiful and preserving quality of life. Maybe your neighbor is sick at home or is unable to mow themselves; if you’re already out doing your own lawn it may not be a bad idea to help a neighbor before nightfall - you never know the situation someone else is in, especially during these times.

That said, if you are experiencing ongoing issues around weed management or yard maintenance, or for general information, feel free to contact your neighborhood’s Code Compliance Inspector at (970)224-6046, who will be happy to help!

Screening Trash Cans#

Screening Trash Cans

Did you know that Fort Collins has an ordinance that requires trash and recycle containers to be screened (i.e. hidden) from public view on days other than the designated trash day? You are allowed to pull your containers out 12 hours before pickup and they must be put away within 12 hours of pickup.

So what does screening mean? It means that the containers must not be visible from the front or side of the property at any time of the year. Acceptable forms of screening include (but are not limited to) storing them in an enclosed garage, behind privacy fence, behind an L-shaped structure, or storing them behind shrubbery that will screen them year-round.

If found in violation, the property owner and occupant will receive a notice from the city notifying them that they have seven (7) days from the date of the violation to come into compliance. Otherwise, the property owner my be issued a citation.

If you’re already out moving your own trashcans, it may not be a bad idea to help a neighbor before nightfall - you never know the situation someone else is in! However, if you are experiencing ongoing issues around trash and recycling containers being unscreened, or for general information, feel free to contact your neighborhood’s Code Compliance Inspector at (970)224-6046!

Spring/Summer updates from the City's Special Events Office#

Spring/Summer updates from the City's Special Events Office

We have a lot of special events coming back this year and we are very excited about it. If you would like to stay up to date about upcoming events, visit the Special Events Calendar to see which events are currently in the review process. Some favorites coming back this year Colorado Marathon, Taste of Fort Collins, Tour de Fat, Annual Tour de Corgi and many more!

We are also happy to announce that Block Party Permit website is now open for reservations! The Block Party trailer will be reserved on a first-come, first-served basis for events taking place on weekends in June, July, August, and September. and reservations fill up quickly. Certain blackout dates apply, especially over holiday weekends and during Neighborhood Night Out.

To reserve the block party trailer and/or close a residential street for a block party, a block party permit is required. Information about how to apply for a block party permit can be found on the Special Events homepage. Please note: Applicants will be required to clean trailer equipment after use according to City safety guidelines.

Free Healthy Homes Workshops#

Free Healthy Homes Workshops

Interested in learning about the simple ways you can improve your home’s indoor air quality? Participate in a Healthy Homes workshop to learn more about steps you can take to eliminate common home air pollutants. This 1-hr workshop will be led by trained Master Home Educators and provide key information and recommendations on reducing exposure to fine particles, which can have short-term and long-term health impacts. 

Each participating household will receive a FREE commercial grade doormat, an important household item needed to reduce particles.

Email Selina at to schedule a workshop!

Learn More about Healthy Homes

What Do You Want from Curbside Trash and Recycling Collection?#

What Do You Want from Curbside Trash and Recycling Collection?

Council has adopted several priorities to reach sustainability goals, one of which explores creating a community-wide contract for trash and recycling collection. This would mean that rather than each household selecting their own trash hauler, the City would contract with one hauler to service single-family homes in a neighborhood. There would be fewer trucks on each street, which would mean less wear and tear on roads and less emissions. If a household wanted to select a different hauler, they’d need to pay an opt-out fee. We are looking for input to help us understand what's important to community members when choosing a trash and recycling hauler, concerns about a city-wide contract and how community members would prioritize the potential benefits of a contract.  

You’re invited to take a questionnaire, leave comments or request a meeting with City staff at Email Ashley Pace at if you have an existing meeting or event planned that you'd like city staff to attend to talk about a contract for trash.