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Neighborhood Services

2021 Fall News for Your Neighborhood#

Leaves will soon be falling!#

Leaves will soon be falling!

One of the goals of the City is to provide safe, clean, and environmentally friendly street right-of-ways for our residents and community. Leaves will soon start to fall, and while we understand that placing leaves on City right-of-way may be convenient, this is not a safe or legal area to put them as it negatively effects the movement of storm water and clogs the City street sweepers. You may put them with your regular trash, schedule a special pickup with your trash provider, or you may haul them to Hageman Earth Cycle and/or the landfill for a fee. Additional solutions for disposing of leaves can be found here.

Our Adopt a Neighbor Program will soon be accepting requests for assistance with Fall Leaf Raking. Recipients will be matched with a volunteer who will rake and dispose of their leaves. If you cannot rake your own leaves and do not have someone in your life who can help, this program is for you! Applications for assistance will be available soon. If you would like to be notified when they open, email Michaela Mitchell at or call/text her at 970-658-9523.

We are also recruiting leaf raking volunteers. Volunteers will receive training, PPE, and city volunteer benefits. Volunteers should be in good physical health and have the means to transport raked leaves to a provided drop off location. To volunteer for Adopt a Neighbor, click the button below!

Volunteer for Adopt a Neighbor

Community Mediation Volunteer Opportunity#

Community Mediation Volunteer Opportunity

Have you ever wanted to help resolve conflicts in our community? Do you have a 40-hour mediation training certificate?  If the answer is “yes” to both these questions, then we need you on our Mediation Team!

Mediation is a free and confidential service to help Fort Collins residents in conflict.  It provides an alternative to hiring lawyers, going to court, calling enforcement agencies, or allowing the conflict to escalate.  The Program provides a team of professionally trained volunteer mediators to guide the process and help people resolve the conflict in a civil and respectful way.

You could be one of those volunteer mediators!

Volunteer Mediator applications now being accepted. 40-hour Mediation Certificate required to apply. Mentoring and coaching provided by staff and experienced volunteers.

Mediation Volunteer Information

Restorative Justice is seeking Community Service Opportunities#

Restorative Justice is seeking Community Service Opportunities

Community Service opportunities are needed for youth in the City's Restorative Justice programs.

Are you involved in a non-profit organization that could provide opportunities for program youth to do community service? If so, check with your agency first to verify that youth could do meaningful work there, then contact us.

Youth in the RJ programs have committed a chargeable offense in our community and as part of their restorative justice process, the youth "repair the harm" by giving back to their community, the victims of the crime, their families and themselves. The community service work is part of their requirements for completing the program.

Examples of some partnerships for providing meaningful service opportunities for youth include: Adopt-a-Neighbor program; Faith organization community gardens; service club or other non-profit events and fundraisers; some at-home projects where youth create products for a non-profit.

Meaningful community service is a great way for young people to connect with and learn more about their community!

For more information about Restorative Justice Services, check the website:

Non-profits who have community service opportunities for youth, please contact

Now recruiting teens and young adults looking to make an impact in their community

Restorative Justice Services is looking for young volunteers to participate in restorative circles with youth who have committed crimes in our community.  Eligible volunteer applicants are youth (high school and older) and young adults (18 - 34).

The restorative justice process brings people together to identify the harm caused by a criminal incident and to find ways to repair that harm. Through the RJ process the victim and community voices are heard and the young offender(s) are held accountable.

Applications are now being accepted. Check the RJ website or email the office at for application materials. Training will be provided for accepted applicants.

Eviction Legal Fund#

The City has partnered with Colorado Poverty Law Project (CPLP) to provide free services for tenants and landlords who are experiencing issues with eviction. Services include:

  • Direct legal representation for tenants
  • Attorney advice
  • Legal clinics
  • Bimonthly "Know Your Rights" trainings
  • Other self-advocacy resources for tenants and landlords

For more information and to access these services, please go to the CPLP website or email

In addition, the Community Mediation Department & Larimer County Court Self-Help Center partner to help resolve landlord-tenant disputes before they get to an eviction notice or filing. For more information on this program, please see the info below on our Mediation Department.

Share your Ideas for a Resilient Recovery#

Share your Ideas for a Resilient Recovery

The pandemic has brought serious challenges to our community, impacting virtually every aspect of our lives and often exacerbating previously existing issues. As we begin to shift from response to recovery, we know we cannot return to the pre-pandemic status quo, but instead need to focus on a recovery that benefits all.

The City of Fort Collins is set to receive approximately $28.1 million of the nearly $6 billion American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) funds received by Colorado and other communities. These funds are being used to invest in short- and long-term economic, environmental, and community recovery. 

As we develop our Recovery Plan and prioritize spending of ARPA funding, we want to hear your ideas about what a vibrant and resilient recovery looks like for our community and what priorities should be focused on as we work to build back stronger.

Share your ideas now