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HOA Information#

Neighborhood Services provides information and educational opportunities for HOA residents, board members, and property managers to support neighborhood livability in Fort Collins. HOA education sessions include a variety of outreach methods and feature content on livability issues that align with Neighborhood Services' areas of expertise: neighborhood livability, conflict resolution, City code enforcement, and local ordinances related to HOA covenants.

Videos of previously offered HOA Education Sessions and Board Member Training are available.

HOA Education Series Video Disclaimer

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"Homeowners' Rights and Responsibilities in an HOA" Presentation (June 2018)

"The Basics of Being a Board Member" Presentation (May 2018)

"The Basics of Covenant Enforcement" Presentation (April 2018)

"HOA Annual Meeting Pitfalls" Presentation (October 2017)

"Technology Advances: How to Use Them in the HOA World" Presentation (September 2017)

"HOA's in Financial Crisis" Presentation (June 2017)

"15 Random Things that Get HOA's in Trouble" Presentation (May 2017)