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Neighborhood Services

Creating connected neighborhoods#

Connected neighborhoods benefit the health and safety of their residents. The Neighborhood Connections program works to bring neighbors together within and across neighborhoods, building stronger connections while helping them better understand what City programs exist to support them and how to access them.

Neighborhood Connections does this by providing:

  • No cost education on communication, collaboration, and the basics of neighboring
  • Assistance planning and organizing a neighborhood event or gathering
  • Grant funding to help make your gathering possible
  • City staff present at your gathering upon request

And that's just the beginning.

What is Neighborhood Connections?#

What is Neighborhood Connections?

Core classes are only the start of the program!

A program designed to provide Fort Collins residents the resources they need to strengthen their neighborhood.

Core Education

Free education on the subjects listed below and assistance planning and holding an event to bring your neighbors together. Topics include:

  1. The Basics of Neighboring
  2. Mindful neighboring
  3. Healthy, productive dialogues across cultural differences
  4. Communication tools
  5. The art of communication: The path to action
  6. Grants
  7. Neighborhood events/gatherings and overview
  8. Safety & Resilience
  9. Neighborhood Action Planning

All classes are free of charge and open to the public!

Core Education#

Please continue to visit this web page about upcoming class opportunities.

Keep checking back!

More ways to participate will be added shortly!

Want To Know About The History Of The Program?#

See how we got here with Neighborhood Connections, including research about other communities around the country and their take on this program!

Check out our interactive portal for a venue to connect with other Fort Collins residents and City staff! Share what you love about your neighborhood and your ideas to make it even better!