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Pace Fort Collins

Pace Fort Collins

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As of June 2018, Fort Collins residents and visitors have more options for traveling around town by Bike Share.  We've added 23 new bike share stations at key locations around town and increased the bike share fleet to 250 bikes! While this remains a dock-based bike share program, you now have the flexibility to end your trip at any public bike rack around town truly expanding the flexibility and convenience of Fort Collins Bike Share.  The system, still owned by Zagster, is now branded Pace. To get started, visit and download the app.

Since April 2018 Fort Collins Pace Bike Share has served more than 44,000 local bike trips and is reaching more people every week! If you haven't yet, take a ride on a Bike Share bike for an easy, convenient way of getting around town that is pure fun. If you'd like to help sponsor new bike share stations, contact us today (dGdyZWVnb3JAZmNnb3YuY29t).

Download the Pace App and Start Riding Today


The new “lock-to” dockless bike share service launched in 2018 in Fort Collins. Pace expands and improves upon Fort Collins’ pilot bike share program launched in 2016, which featured 100 bikes and required riders to begin and end rides at one of 20 fixed parking racks.

With Pace, riders can now rent one of 250 bikes from any of the 42 dedicated Pace racks, or hundreds of additional public bike racks throughout the city and Colorado State University (CSU). The combination of fixed bike share parking locations, with the ability to start or end a ride at any public bike rack, maximizes ridership by supporting both routine as well as flexible trips.

To ride, download the free Pace bike share app available in the App Store or Google Play. Once the app is downloaded and a rider profile is created, riders will be able to see available bikes all over Fort Collins in real time. Riders can then start, end, or pause their ride using the app. Locking the bike at the end of a ride or for mid-ride stops is easy thanks to a wheel ring lock and integrated cable.

Rides start at $1 / 15 minutes and the program offers a variety of membership options.  For up-to-date pricing information, please visit:

Pace brings with it new stations along the MAX corridor, Harmony corridor, neighborhood parks, in north Fort Collins and on the CSU Campus. Additionally, in partnership with Bike Fort Collins & La Familia, Kaiser Permanente has brought a new station to the Hickory neighborhood. Along with existing access to nearby trails, access to bike share allows for seamless connectivity between the Hickory neighborhood and the greater Fort Collins transportation network.

To obtain information on Pace equity programs, visit For information on sponsorship and volunteer opportunities, visit or email Bike Fort Collins at aW5mb0BiaWtlZm9ydGNvbGxpbnMub3Jn. All riders are encouraged to use helmets, which can be purchased at cost at the Visit Fort Collins office in Old Town Square or Maxline Brewing, located off the Mason Trail.

Station sponsors include The City of Fort Collins, CSU, UC Health, Elevations Credit Union, Odell Brewing, New Belgium Brewing, Dellenbach Motors, Ed Carroll Motor Company, and Housing Catalyst. The success of bike sharing in Fort Collins is due in large part to the ongoing commitment of these and other local partners to providing convenient access to bicycling.

What Is Bike Sharing?

Bike share is an innovative public transportation program offering a network of bicycles for short-term use. Through automated, self-service bike check-out stations, bike share combines the flexibility and freedom of a bicycle with the accessibility of public transportation. Bike share systems enhance mobility within a city, promote tourism and economic development, and offer a fun and healthy way of getting around town. Extending the reach of public transit, bike share systems create connections - connecting people to where they live, work and play, and to other modes of transportation. A great way to stay up-to-date on the bike share world is at

Previous Efforts

  • The Bike Share Business Plan (2014) lays out the vision for a phased future system, as well as an assessment of demand, costs, and steps towards implementation.
  • EPA Technical Assistance (2013): included a workshop with bike sharing experts and summary memo with options for implementing bike sharing.
  • The Fort Collins Bike Library Alternatives Analysis (2012), which analyzed long-term sustainable options for bike sharing.
  • Demos of select bike sharing technologies (2012).  


Tessa Greegor, FC Bikes Program Manager | 970-416-2471 | dGdyZWVnb3JAZmNnb3YuY29t