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Bike Share Program#

Zagster no longer operating in Fort Collins#

In May 2020, the City of Fort Collins was notified that Zagster, the company that operates the Pace bike share program, would ending bike share services in Fort Collins effective immediately.

Zagster told the City on Wednesday, May 27, that the COVID-19 pandemic had adversely affected its business and that Pace bikes and stations would be removed beginning Thursday, May 28. Zagster had already suspended Pace services on March 27.

The City signed a contract for the Pace bike share program in 2015, and operations began in April 2016. The program had experienced annual ridership growth and at its peak included 250 bikes and 42 stations. In addition to the City of Fort Collins, multiple businesses and organizations sponsored bikes and stations over the past four years. We want to thank all program sponsors and partners for their support in providing a citywide bike share program for Fort Collins residents and visitors.  

In 2020, Fort Collins expects to launch an RFP for the bike share program moving forward. With the rapidly changing world of bike share and shared mobility, this is an exciting opportunity for Fort Collins to stay on the cutting edge of shared mobility and ensure the program moving forward provides the best service for our community.

For updated information from Zagster

What Is Bike Sharing?#

Bike share is an innovative public transportation program offering a network of bicycles for short-term use. Through automated, self-service bike check-out stations, bike share combines the flexibility and freedom of a bicycle with the accessibility of public transportation. Bike share systems enhance mobility within a city, promote tourism and economic development, and offer a fun and healthy way of getting around town. Extending the reach of public transit, bike share systems create connections - connecting people to where they live, work and play, and to other modes of transportation. A great way to stay up-to-date on the bike share world is at

Previous Efforts#

  • The Bike Share Business Plan (2014) lays out the vision for a phased future system, as well as an assessment of demand, costs, and steps towards implementation.
  • EPA Technical Assistance (2013): included a workshop with bike sharing experts and summary memo with options for implementing bike sharing.
  • The Fort Collins Bike Library Alternatives Analysis (2012), which analyzed long-term sustainable options for bike sharing.
  • Demos of select bike sharing technologies (2012).  


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