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Street Naming Survey Closed

The street naming survey is now closed. The survey results will be summarized and presented to City Council for their consideration as they select the new street name, tentatively scheduled for the May 16th City Council meeting.

Help Name A New Street

Help name a new street in northeast Fort Collins. The new street begins at Lincoln Avenue east of Lemay Avenue and travels northeast through the Capstone Cottages development, and will eventually connect to International Boulevard near Timbeline Road. The existing International Boulevard street name cannot be used on the north-south segment due to a change in the direction of travel. City Council selects the name for new collector and arterial street names, and we want to provide them with your input before they make a selection.

Get Involved

Join us March 1st in the training room at the Streets Facility, 625 9th Street, between 6:00-7:30pm for an open house to learn about the new street, the City's street naming process, and to vote for your favorite names from the existing list of approved street names, or to submit new ideas. Light refreshments will be available.

Approximately a week after the open house, vote in an online qusetionnaire for your favorite street name themes and ideas, or submit your own. Top entries from the open house and online questionnaire will be recommended to City Council for their consideration.

Street Naming Standards

Not just any street name will do. New street names must meet the following guidelines or standards:

  • Existing Larimer County street names cannot be duplicated. Different suffixes (e.g. street or boulevard) do not make a name unique. See if your idea is already in use within Larimer County.
  • Similar-sounding street names or homonyms should be avoided (e.g. Beech Street and Beach Road).
  • Names should be easy to pronounce, using only alphabetical characters (A through Z). Numbers and special characters are not permitted.
  • The street name cannot contain any of the cardinal directions (e.g. Southwind Lane).
  • The names of prominent or notable individuals should only be done posthumously. Many notable citizens and places from Fort Collins' past are already on the City's approved street name list. View the list to see if your suggestion is already eligible for City Council consideration.


Kai Kleer | Planning Technician | 970-416-4284 |

Ted Shepard | Senior City Planner | 970-221-6343 |