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Wildlife Cameras in Fort Collins Natural Areas

The City of Fort Collins Natural Areas Department works with community partners to monitor wildlife on several natural areas.

At Bobcat Ridge Natural Area, partners include Rocky Mountain Cat Conservancy and Rocky Mountain High School. Eight motion/heat activated cameras are on and off the trail. City of Fort Collins volunteers and students from Rocky Mountain High school regularly check the cameras. The images confirm species such as elk, deer and mountain lions really do share our trails.

To find out more about the Bobcat Ridge Wildlife Camera Project, Cameras, Communities and Conservation read this Camera Project Summary. Explore more! Learn more! Visit the Rocky Mountain Cat Conservancy or send an email to Sue Kenney, c2tlbm5leUBmY2dvdi5jb20=.

At Pineridge Natural Area, partners include Colorado State University, the National Park Service and Boltz Middle School. Both CSU students and Boltz students use the data in their classrooms to understand Pineridge's wildlife. Photos from Pineridge are posted here.

Bobcat Ridge Natural Area Photographs

Bear In Grass