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Welcome to the Natural Areas Volunteer Website!#

Materials for you are posted on this website. Please bookmark this page! This site is for use by active Natural Areas volunteers only.

Your Natural Areas Public Engagement Team#

AJ Chlebnick

AJ Chlebnik, Public Engagement Specialist, 970-224-6118

Pronouns: She/ Her

  • Volunteer Coordination
  • School field trips
  • Stewardship projects
  • Equity and accessibility
Sam Troi: White person with long brown hair, wearing a blue top and glasses

Sam Troi, Public Engagement Specialist

Pronouns: She/ Her, 970-416-2480

  • Community Outreach Programs and Events
  • Explorer activities and booklet
  • Club Outdoors
Lauren Hennessey

Lauren Hennessey, Environmental Education Specialist

Pronouns: She/ Her, 970-416-8009

  • Programming and activities
  • Club Outdoors lead
Ludy Rueda: Latinx person with long black hair wearing a blue shirt and black blazer

Ludy Rueda: Bilingual Public Engagement Specialist · Especialista bilingüe en participación social 

Pronouns · Pronombres: she, her, ella, 970-416-2043 (office · oficina)

  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Initiatives · Iniciativas de diversidad, equidad e inclusión 
  • Partnerships · Colaboraciones 
  • Public Engagement Projects · Proyectos de participación social 
  • Signs and Brochures · Señalización y folletos  
Rachel Balduzzi

Rachel Balduzzi, Public Engagement Senior Supervisor

Pronouns: She/ Her/ Hers, 970-224-6153

  • Communications
  • Public Engagement
Randy Koenig

Randy Koenig, Public Engagement Assistant

Pronouns: They/ Them, 970-416-2044

  • Digital Communications- web, social, e-news
Zoe Shark

Zoë Shark, Public Engagement Manager

Pronouns: She/ Her, 970-221-6311

  • Supports vacancies
  • Leads dialog with the community about management efforts