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Natural Areas

Welcome to the Natural Areas Volunteer Website!#

Materials for you are posted on this website. Please bookmark this page! This site is for use by active Natural Areas volunteers only.

Your Natural Areas Public Engagement Team#

AJ Chlebnik 970-224-6118 (office),

Charlotte Norville 970-416-2480 (office), 

Bridgette Windell 303-257-5560 (cell),

Katsí Peña 970-416-2043 (office),

Monique Thompson 970-672-7152 (cell),

Rachel Balduzzi 970-416-6153 (office) 

Zoë Shark 970-221-6311 (office)

AJ Chlebnik
Public Engagement Specialist
Community programs, programs by request, equity and accessibility

Bridgette Windell, Communications Specialist- Communications, Social Media, Public Engagement

Charlotte Norville, Public Engagement Specialist- Signs, Brochures, Communications, One-Day Stewardship Projects

Katsí Peña- Public Engagement Specialist- Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion and Billingual Programming

Monique Thompson, Education Specialist- Boys and Girls Club, School Field Trip Assistant, Special Events

Rachel Balduzzi
Public Engagement Specialist
Volunteer Management and School Program Coordination

Zoë Shark
Public Engagement Manager
Manages Public Engagement Specialists and Administrative Teams, leads dialog with the community about management efforts.