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Natural Areas

Skills Based Volunteers#

Find Your Project#

Find Your Project

Are you interested in giving your professional-level expertise to help natural areas? Skills Based Volunteers help complete projects including data analysis, web design, writing, and more. Find your project and apply to help.

To apply, please list the project title you are interested in helping with on the application, and explain how your experience and skills match the project description.


Skills Based Volunteers#

Each volunteer is assigned a main staff contact who oversees the technical side of the project. 

In the spring, Skills Based Volunteers work independently with assistance from the staff sponsor of the project.

In the fall, a cohort of Skills Based Volunteers will meet monthly (5-6:30 p.m.), the first Wednesday of every month) to learn more about the Natural Areas Department and receive support from the Public Engagement team, in addition to working with their staff contact. They will also give a 10-minute presentation at the end of their project.

Volunteer Job Description

Spring 2020 Projects#

Skills Based Volunteer Projects - March-June 2020

  • Butterfly Surveyor at Bobcat Ridge Natural Area- FILLED!
  • Humans of Natural Areas Social Media Series
  • Plant Database Photo Project- FILLED!
  • Regulatory Compliance Observational Studies
  • ROOTS Club Mental Health Advocate
  • Spanish Language Proofreader
  • Tactical Plan Spreadsheet Builder
  • Visitor Amenities Mapping- FILLED!
  • Wildlife Sticker Design

Full Project Descriptions