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Shift Your Ride Summer Challenge#

Photo of Margo, Shift Your Ride winner, with her gift card.

With the conclusion of the Shift Your Ride Summer Challenge, FC Moves is proud to report that Fort Collins represented over 50% of all pledges from participating municipalities within the north front range. Running from June 1st to August 31st, participants collectively logged 1,211 trips and replaced over 10,000 vehicle miles traveled. Danna Varnell of Fort Collins holds the record for most miles reduced with 1,896 miles traveled by bicycle during the course of the challenge. Thank you to everyone who participated. Even small adjustments in our travel behavior can help us make collective strides in our active mode share goals and reduce the number of trips taken by single occupancy vehicles.

We would also like to congratulate some of our Shift Your Ride drawing winners who received a $50 visa gift card from FC Moves. They took the time to share some of their transportation stories and how they were able to shift their lifestyle towards more active modes of transportation.

Join us again next year for the Shift Your Ride challenge as we strive to replace even more trips with active modes of transportation. 

Margo's Story#

Photo of Margo with her gift card.

My name is Margo Ervin and I’m a wife and at-home mother living in South FoCo (what we affectionately call “Fort Love”). This Shift Your Ride challenge is something close to my heart. I’ve always been a big supporter of expanding our transportation options to move away from single occupant vehicles. The benefits abound— clean air, financial savings, decreased wear & tear on our roads and health benefits to name just a few! By far, my favorite way to get around is by electric bike on our wonderful rec trails. 

Being on the south side of town we’re actually far, relatively speaking, from most grocery stores in the city (or at least separated by intimidating high-speed roads). Knowing that I wouldn’t be able to shift the transportation needs of my kids and their weekly activities I decided to commit to not driving anywhere on Sundays. That’s usually when we do most of our grocery shopping and errands so I tried to plan ahead and stock up on the heavier, bulkier items once a month and then ride my bike to the Fort Collins Farmers Market on Harmony for fresh local produce. You would be amazed at how much you can carry with a milk crate affixed to a rear bike rack and a couple roomy pannier bags! Plus, size and weight constraints help you avoid buying what you don’t need or what you might not be able to use in time before it expires, saving precious money!

Overall, I’d say this challenge was a success and I’m grateful for the prizes offered to motivate us to take that first step. Thank you to the Shift Your Ride team for a great experience and for the important work that you do!

Courtney's Story#

Photo of Courtney and her husband with their dogs in backpacks.

Why did you decide to join the Shift Your Ride challenge?

 I thought it would be a great way to exercise and enjoy the outdoors more.  I'm typically a runner and hiker but have been wanting to get better on my bike.  I figured if I signed up for a bike centric challenge it would help me meet that goal.  Plus, I want to help preserve the environment when I am able to.  Some days my job demands I use a personal vehicle, other days can easily be handled on a bike.  

Were there any commuting challenges you had to overcome along the way and how did you solve them?

I live in Fort Collins, but most days go to work in Loveland so the biggest hurdle was distance and the fact that my commute to work would be downhill, but getting home would be virtually uphill the whole way, lol.  I tried to mitigate this by working from home as much as possible during the challenge time and riding my bike to work and personal appointments in Fort Collins.  

You're the Shift!#

Photo of

Contact to request your Shift yard sign today!

Why Shift Your Ride?#

By making simple choices about how we move around, we can shift extra time and money to things that really matter, like spending time with our family, clean air and crisp mountain views, or getting and staying fit. Shift to what matters most to you.

Below, you can find information about upcoming events that can help you Shift Your Ride, resources to explore and find the ride mode of transportation for you, and more. 

Shift Your Ride Resources#

We want you to feel successful in Shifting Your Ride, so we've compiled quick steps to help you shift, tips and resources for every skill level. There are many "right" ways to Shift Your Ride and plenty of alternatives.

For a personalized approach to Shifting Your Ride, contact us today!


Quick steps to get you bicycling:

1. Dust off your bike, or get it fixed.

2. Find your helmet or buy a new one. Make sure it fits correctly.

3. Check the Bike Map to pick your route. It's easy to avoid busy streets with the Low-stress network.

4. Brush up on your safety knowledge before your ride. Take an online class.

5. Remember the joy of riding a bike.

Learn more about bicycling


Quick steps to get you walking:

1. Find the right pair of shoes.

2. Pick your route. The Bike Map can help, or start by walking around your block.

3. Check out some tips about walking when sidewalks don't exist.

4. Check the weather forecast and plan accordingly, including bringing extra supplies like water, snacks, or dog bags.

5. Breathe in the fresh air and enjoy the scenery.

Learn more about walking


Quick steps to get you telecommuting:

1. Check with your employer for telecommuting policies.

2. Set up your home works station, including adjusting chair or desk height to maintain healthy posture while working at home.

3. Get into a routine to help you adjust to working from home. This might include a brisk walk around your neighborhood before starting work to get you in work mode.

4. Get outside from time to time to break up the day and help transition to and from work mode.

5. Realize the time and money you've saved by telecommuting.

Learn more


Quick steps to scooting:

1. Download Spin app.

2. Find a scooter near you, scan/enter the QR code to unlock.

3. Scoot your heart out. Use bike lanes when using electric scooters, remember to dismount and walk in crosswalks, and scoot in the direction of traffic.

4. Find an appropriate place to park your rented scooter. Avoid parking in the middle of sidewalks or places where people walking are expected.

5. End your ride on the app.

Learn more about scooting

Transit and buses

Steps to get your riding transit:

1. Plan your trip. Using the planning tool, enter your origin and destination. Make note of your Route.

2. Check the route's timetable. The times listed are times the bus is expected to arrive.

3. Pay your fare. You can purchase passes in advance online, or in-person at one of three transit centers. Transfort fares are currently free for all users.

4. Bike, walk, or scoot to your stop.

5. Board the bus. Bikes are welcome if space is available. Enjoy your ride!

6. Repeat to return.

Learn more about transit

Household car sharing

Quick steps to household car sharing:

1. Determine your household's schedule. Who needs to leave and return, and when? The goal is to only use one car where two cars were used before.

2. Rearrange you schedules as much as possible. Can you start work slightly later or earlier? How can you use extra time if you arrive early are have to wait for your ride afterwards?

3. Plan to combine trips. Have an extra hour in the morning or evening where household schedules don't align? Use that time to shop for groceries, exercise, or catch up on homework.

4. Plan to save trips. If you can accomplish errands during the week, your weekends can be car-free!

5. Refine and repeat.


Quick steps to get you vanpooling:

  1. Create a VanGo account.
  2. Prior to your intended trip, enter your home, destination, and preferred arrival time information.
  3. If you can't find a match, and want to learn how to get a new vanpool started, reach out to Shane Armstrong at
  4. Be ready to go; pack your lunch ahead of time and other items you'll need. Have them ready for the van's arrival.
  5. Enjoy the ride with your vanpool buddies!


Quick steps to get you sharing a ride:

  1. Ask your neighbors, coworkers, or other parents at school if they want to share a ride.
  2. Figure out a schedule, logistics, and ground rules using these helpful tips from CSU.
  3. Alternatively, use your smartphone to download rideshare apps like Uber and Lyft.
  4. Bonus points if you select "pool" options to share your ride with others.
  5. Enjoy your ride with others.