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Give A Shift, Make A Shift, Be the Shift

Shift your time, energy and money to what matters most. Making small shifts or adjustments in your daily life can have big impacts when it comes to saving money and being healthy and present for the people you care most about in life.

You can #shiftfoco by taking the pledge right now!

Click the button below to pledge to shift your mail, shift your cool and/or shift your ride. Then check out the suggested ways to take action. 

Take the Pledge to #shiftfoco

You don’t have to completely overhaul your life, just commit to a few small shifts per year.

Shift your Mail

Shift Your Mail

Stopping junk mail is one simple action you can take to clear clutter and save time. Take the pledge and stop junk mail with one of the following sites: 

OptOutPrescreen - Just one click allows you to opt out of credit and insurance company mailers for free. 

DMA Choice - $2 for ten years to block multiple categories of mail with a single click

Catalog Choice - Free option to select which catalogs you want to stop receiving.

Shift your Cool

Shift your Cool

We live in Colorado, which means it can get warm during the day but cooler in the evenings. This summer, instead of turning on your A/C right away, make sure you use your ceiling fans and close your blinds to cool down your home. Using a fan and setting your A/C 2 degrees higher can save up to 14% on cooling costs while still feeling comfortable. 

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Shift your Ride

Shift your Ride

Save your gas money for what matters most. Fort Collins has over 60 miles of paved bike trails and around 200 miles of bike lanes. Biking to work regularly can save you money on gas and car maintenance and bonus - it's also good for your health! 

Join us at Bike to Work Day on June 26 

Need a Bike Buddy? Get help learning the ins and outs of bicycle commuting.

Jump on a city bus via Transfort and come celebrate MAX turning 5 on May 11