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The City of Fort Collins uses a collaborate approach to the management of marijuana which brings together multiple City departments to develop and enforce regulations, and educate businesses, consumers, and the general public. The information provided here is intended to be an overview of marijuana laws in Fort Collins. It is up to each individual to understand and follow the law. Nothing in the information provided here is intended to offer medical advice about the health and safety risks of marijuana consumption, or to provide legal advice on compliance with applicable laws.

Licensed Businesses

Medical Marijuana: During the November 2012 election, Fort Collins voters passed Initiative 301 allowing medical marijuana centers in Fort Collins. Initiative 301 placed a cap on the number of medical marijuana stpres in Fort Collins but allowed any businesses previously licensed in Fort Collins to exceed the cap. Applications were accepted from previous business owners from January 2 to April 2, 2013. Because the number of previous businesses applying for center licenses exceeded the cap, no additional applications for medical marijuana stores are being accepted. View Medical Marijuana page for more information.

Retail Marijuana: Also in November 2012, voters state-wide passed Amendment 64 allowing the recreational use of marijuana and establishing a framework for retail businesses. On March 18, 2014, Council adopted a series of ordinances relating to retail marijuana, including licensing provisions for retail marijuana stores, cultivation facilities, product manufacturing facilities, and testing facilities. View Retail Marijuana page for more information.

Growing Marijuana For Personal Use

In Fort Collins, persons may grow their own marijuana for medical or recreational uses, subject to the following limitations:

  • Marijuana cannot be grown (cultivated) openly or publicly.
  • Marijuana cannot be grown in detached outbuildings (sheds, greenhouses, etc.)
  • In no event can more than 12 plants of any size, or 6 mature plants, be grown or kept within, or on the same legal parcel as, any single-family dwelling.
  • Marijuana cannot be grown in a two-family (ex. a duplex), multi-family (ex. apartment building), or single-family attached dwelling (ex. a townhome sharing a common wall with another unit).
  • All marijuana must be grown and kept in a locked and enclosed space.
  • The marijuana cannot be sold.

See Chapter 12, Article IX of the City Code for all of the local regulations relating to the cultivation of marijuana for personal use.

Complaints / Compliments

Complaints regarding licensed marijuana businesses, cultivation of marijuana in commercial or residential areas, marijuana odors coming from licensed businesses, or any other marijuana-related issues may be submitted in writing using the fillable pdf form below or directed to Officer Jim Lenderts at bWFyaWp1YW5hZW5mb3JjZW1lbnRAZmNnb3YuY29t or 970-416-2949.

Marijuana Information Referral Form

Compliments regarding licensed marijuana businesses may be submitted in the same form. Compliments will be included in the licensee's file and shared with the licensee.