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Marijuana Information

Marijuana Information

The City of Fort Collins uses a collaborative approach to the management of marijuana which brings together multiple City departments to develop and enforce regulations and educate businesses, consumers, and the general public. The information provided here is intended to be an overview of marijuana laws in Fort Collins. It is up to each individual to understand and follow the law. Nothing in the information provided here is intended to offer medical advice about the health and safety risks of marijuana consumption or to provide legal advice on compliance with applicable laws. The City of Fort Collins provides links to information about marijuana business licensing, and other important topics. 

Any form of business involving marijuana in Fort Collins requires a license or permit. There are several medical and retail marijuana business licenses. Each type has different privileges, requirements, and rules. Businesses that do not follow the rules could be fined, face disciplinary action, or lose their license.

The regulatory licensing structure is a dual-licensing system. A business is required to have a State business license and a local license in order to operate. 


New to this process? Start here for information on how to apply for a license.

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Get information on how to apply for a regulated marijuana business license

New Applications

The City of Fort Collins is currently accepting applications for new medical and retail business licenses.

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Get information on how to renew a marijuana business license

Renewal Applications

Information about renewing medical or retail marijuana business licenses.

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License Changes

Change in ownership, modification of premises, change of location, trade name change, surrendering a marijuana business license, and withdrawing a marijuana business application

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Growing Marijuana for Personal Use

In Fort Collins, persons may grow their own marijuana for medical or recreational uses, subject to limitations.

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Hemp & Industrial Hemp

Industrial Hemp means a plant of the genus Cannabis and any part of the plant, whether growing or not, containing a THC concentration of no more than (0.3%) on a dry weight basis.

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Complaints / Compliments

Complaints or compliments for marijuana-related issues may be submitted in writing using a fillable pdf form.

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