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Growing Marijuana for Personal Use#

In Fort Collins, persons may grow their own marijuana for medical or recreational uses, subject to the following limitations:

  • Marijuana cannot be grown (cultivated) openly or publicly.
  • Marijuana cannot be grown in detached outbuildings (sheds, greenhouses, etc.)
  • In no event can more than 12 plants of any size, or 6 mature plants, be grown or kept within, or on the same legal parcel as, any single-family dwelling.
  • Marijuana cannot be grown in a two-family (ex. a duplex), multi-family (ex. apartment building), or single-family attached dwelling (ex. a townhome sharing a common wall with another unit).
  • All marijuana must be grown and kept in a locked and enclosed space.
  • No. Home-grown marijuana, no matter the form, may not be sold to others.
  • Marijuana cannot be grown outdoors in the City of Fort Collins. Marijuana plants must be kept in an enclosed, locked structure with a permanent roof and solid exterior walls.

See Chapter 12, Article IX of the City Code for all of the local regulations relating to the cultivation of marijuana for personal use.

City Code Marijuana Cultivation