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Complaints & Compliments#

Complaints regarding licensed marijuana businesses, cultivation of marijuana in commercial or residential areas, marijuana odors coming from licensed businesses, or any other marijuana-related issues may be submitted in writing using the fillable pdf form below or directed to Officer Jim Lenderts at or 970-416-2949.

Marijuana Information Referral Form

Compliments regarding licensed marijuana businesses may be submitted in the same form. Compliments will be included in the licensee's file and shared with the licensee.

Complaint about Marijuana

Neighborhood Marijuana Complaint#

If you have a complaint about a neighbor and marijuana. Please refer to the City of Fort Collins Access form.

Click on Neighborhoods, then click on Marijuana. Please complete the form.

Please note: consumption of marijuana publicly in a place that is open/commonly accessible to the general public is prohibited. However, it is not illegal to smoke marijuana on private property in a backyard. There is a reasonable expectation of privacy in a fenced-in backyard on private residential property, and even a front porch, while potentially visible from the public right of way, is not considered open or public consumption, as a front porch on private residential property is not an area that is open or commonly accessible to the general public. Alcohol consumption is treated the same way. 

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