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W. Magnolia St. and S. Shields St.#

Magnolia and Shields Utility and Multimodal Improvements

Project Overview#

The 2014 Bicycle Master Plan identifies the intersection of W. Magnolia St. and S. Shields St. for multimodal improvements as part of the Magnolia Bikeway which connects Magnolia St. directly to City Park and downtown on low-volume local streets. The unsignalized intersection of Magnolia and Shields is a barrier to active transportation.  

City staff, in collaboration with a private consultant, developed an initial design for the intersection which was refined based on resident feedback and concerns. The resulting design has been introduced to area residents in 2017. The project had been delayed as originally proposed in order to coordinate with Utilities on several important projects in the immediate project area. At this time, Utilities, Traffic, Engineering, and FC Moves are prepared to move forward with the proposed utility upgrades and multimodal improvements.  

Outreach activities are described below, including key dates and deliverables. 

Project Design#

The City is planning to install a signal dedicated to pedestrians and bicyclists crossing Shields at Magnolia. Based on neighborhood feedback, the City has revised the design options and timeline for the Shields and Magnolia Bicycle and Pedestrian Signal project.  This project helps complete the Magnolia Bikeway, a Safe Routes to School Corridor, and the continuation of the W. Mulberry east-west bike route. The selected design is now anticipated for construction in summer 2021 (which has been delayed to to COVID-19 impacts).

We've received great feedback on the design options and have determined the preferred design for this intersection based on this feedback and further analysis. The preferred design is available for your review below.  Additional outreach will occur with the neighborhood to provide information on construction. 

View the Project Design

Utilities Upgrades#

 The following work will be done by the Utilities Department as part of this project:

  • Stormwater improvements at the intersection of Magnolia Street and Shields Street
  • Wastewater line replacement along Shields Street between Mulberry Street and Olive Street

Project Schedule#

Happening summer 2021.

Traffic Closures#

Right Lane Closure
Full Closure Starts
Full Closure Ends

Utilities Improvements#


Surface Improvements#

Surface Improvements


Sandra Bratlie | Special Projects Manager, Utilities | 970-416-2233 |
Cortney Geary | Active Modes Manager, FC Moves | 970-416-2471 |
Nick Heimann | Specialist, Active Modes, FC Moves | 970-416-2628 |