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November - 2011 Edition: Some information may be out of date.

Bioscience Company Awarded NIH Small Business Innovation Research Grant

InVitria, a Fort Collins-based bioscience company, has been awarded a coveted National Institute for Health grant to develop animal-free cell culture media designed for use in industrial scale vaccine manufacturing.

“It is well known that serum and animal components are undesirable in vaccine manufacturing, but current serum-free formulations have not delivered on cell growth and productivity. InVitria is addressing this issue with a novel method to achieve the productivity necessary for industrial scale manufacturing,” said Ning Huang, Vice President of Research and Development.  

InVitria has collaborated with the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), Universities, and industry partners to assist with development and testing of the vaccine media.

We featured InVitria and its parent company Ventria in our September Economic Enews. Ventria’s offices are in the Rocky Mountain Innosphere, Fort Collins’ innovation-based business incubator. Congratulations on this exciting news to InVitria and the healthcare industry!

Learn more about InVitria and animal-free cell culture media at