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May - 2011 Edition: Some information may be out of date.

City of Fort Collins, Schneider Electric and Spirae to Offer Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

Within the next three to four months, several local businesses and the general public will have access to the area's first Electric Vehicle (EV) charging stations. A unique partnership between Fort Collins Utilities, Schneider Electric, Inc. and Fort Collins-based Spirae, Inc. will build an innovative Electric Vehicle Service Equipment (EVSE) system to support the community's electric vehicle market.

Charging Stations
The partnership will roll out the Electric Vehicle (EV) charging stations in phases. Initially, thirteen stations will be installed, with more planned in the future, including an expanded partnership with local car dealerships who sell EVs. The stations will be installed in the City's fleet lot, private business parking lots and four in public parking lots across Fort Collins; specific locations are still to be determined. Building charging stations is the first step in encouraging the adoption of new technology and making it a viable investment for residents, businesses and government agencies.

Global Electric Vehicle Market to Reach 2.6 Million by 2015
A recent report by Global Industry Analysts, Inc. illustrates the growing trend in electric vehicle market; within the next four years more than 2 million electric vehicles will be on the road. The U.S. market is approximately fifty percent of the global estimate. Fort Collins businesses and residents have a history of being on the leading- edge of new energies and adoption of energy conservation practices. Providing businesses and residents new technology to support their choice of energy-efficient vehicles is another way the City encourages this shift. Read more about the Global Industry Analysts, Inc. report at

Partnership Detail
The City of Fort Collins, locally-owned Spirae, and global energy company, Schneider Electric will share the costs of installing the charging stations. Ongoing service and maintenance will be covered by Schneider Electric. Stations will be deployed by late summer. As more details are confirmed, the City will establish a webpage for people to find specific locations of the charging stations.

FortZED Connection
The mission of FortZED, Fort Collins' Zero Energy District, is to transform the downtown area and the main campus of Colorado State University into a net Zero Energy District through conservation, efficiency, renewable sources and smart technologies. The technology required for EV charging stations is in line with the FortZED mission and utilitizes the Renewable and Distributed Systems Integration (RDSI) tools, including Fort Collins Utilities' Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI), or smart meter, wireless communications system. Learn more about smart meters at Visit FortZED online,