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  1. Draw to scale - 1' = 20' or 1' = 10', on paper no larger than 8
  2. Show address, lot, block, subdivision name and filing number.
  3. Show dimensions of front, rear, and side yard property lines.
  4. Show dimensions of lot and North arrow.
  5. Show location and dimensions of accessory buildings when acceptable.
  6. Show the location and size of steps, walks, driveways, approaches, and retaining walls when applicable.
  7. Show the location and dimension of easements.
  8. Provide a separate landscape plan when required. (Usually commercial and multi-family only).

NOTE: The foundation footprint of the building does not always adequately represent the required plot plan information. Any projections over the foundation walls such as bay windows, fireplaces, patio covers, and decks over 30 inches above grade must be shown on the plot plan for setback requirements.