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Energy Code & Related Resources#

Fort Collins Energy Code

Residential Energy Code Resources#

Residential Energy Code Resources

Performance Path to Compliance - Simulated Performance Alternative (SPA)#

Requirements for the Simulated Performance Alternative are detailed within The City of Fort Collins Residential New Construction Simulated Performance Alternative (SPA) Guide: Residential New Construction SPA Guide

Residential Air Tightness Testing#

New attached and detached single family dwellings are required to submit a passing multi-point air tightness test prior to issuance of C.O..

Building Code Air Tightness Testing Protocol

Fort Collins Residential Mechanical Systems HVAC requirements#

Residential new construction mechanical systems are required to submit either engineered stamped mechanical plans or the Residential Mechanical Systems Design Submittal Form below. This 4 page form was effective as of May 14, 2013, and is required for new residential construction submittals by qualified agencies. This form must be accompanied by a Manual J, S, and D designed using the 'Manual J Design Criteria' found in the IRC code amendments Climatic & Geographic Design Criteria Table R301.2(1), and/or below.

All new construction mechanical systems must test, and submit the completed Residential Mechanical Systems Performance Report below prior to issuance of C.O..

Mechanical Design

Residential Mechanical Systems Design Submittal Form

Residential New Construction Mechanical Systems Design Submittal Guide

Climatic & Geographic Design Criteria IRC Table R301.2(1)

Mechanical Performance Testing

Residential Mechanical Systems Performance Report

Residential Mechanical Systems Testing Guide

Commercial Energy Code Resources#

Commercial Energy Code Resources

UA approach to Commercial Compliance#

Commercial compliance using COMcheck

It is the responsibility of the party using COMcheck to use the most current version of the software. This insures that any updates made within the software are accounted for in your energy model. Either the most current desktop version of COMcheck or COMcheck-Web should be used.

Commercial Building Air Tightness Testing#

All new construction, including commercial buildings, are required to pass a building air tightness test. Testing requirement by building type can be found in the document Air Tightness Testing Different Building Types found further down the page under 'Additional Resources → Building Envelope'. Documentation and reporting of test results is required and must be submitted as part of the final report pack prior to issuance of the C.O..

Commercial Building Air Leakage Test Protocol

Alternative Small Commercial Building Air Leakage Test Protocol (under 5000 sq ft)

Air Leakage Testing Agencies

Commercial Building Commissioning#

All new construction occupied buildings and/or first time tenant finishes with a floor area greater than 15,000 sq ft shall perform commissioning and complete a commissioning report. This commissioning report is to be made available to the building department prior to C.O. upon request.

City of Fort Collins Commercial Commissioning Fact Sheet

City of Fort Collins Commissioning Checklist

Colorado Building Commissioning Firms Resource List

Multi-Family Energy Code Resources#

Multi-Family Energy Code Resources

Multi-Family Air Tightness Testing#

Multi-Family dwelling units are required to be tested for air tightness, more specifically tested for air tightness from the exterior and from one dwelling unit to the next. Unit sampling is allowed for multi-family buildings.

Multi-Family Air Tightness Testing Protocol

Multi-Family Mechanical Systems Performance Testing#

All new construction mechanical systems must test, complete and submit the Residential Mechanical Systems Performance Report found in the 'Residential Energy Code Resources' above prior to issuance of C.O.. Compiling test results from all of the dwelling units in a building onto one form is permitted. This form is available below. Sampling of mechanical systems performance testing is not allowed and all dwelling units must be tested.

Multi-Family Residential Mechanical Systems Performance Report

Additional Resources#

Green Building Resources and Rebates#

Rebates, Programs, Resources, and Training for: 

  • Homeowners
  • Contractors
  • Commercial Owners and Tenants 
  • Multi-Family Landlords and Property Owners

Green Building

IDAP - Fort Collins Utilities' Integrated Design Assistance Program#

IDAP City of Fort Collins

Financial incentives and technical support are available through IDAP to help make your building design more energy efficient. Engagement early in design is critical. Click here for more information.