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New Buildings and Additions#

Yes, most work requires a building permit, but some work is exempt.

Work Exempt from Permit

  • Can I do the work myself? 
    • Homeowners may perform work on their primary primary residence only, if it is a single family detached home. 
    • Commercial building owners may perform work on their buildings if the total amount of work is less than $2,000 and does not include any structural. 
  • Can I hire someone? 
    • All contractors and subcontractors hired to perform work must be licensed with the City of Fort Collins for the type work being done. This is verified prior to permit issuance. To confirm that your contractor/subcontractor are licensed and up to date contact:

Contractor Licensing

  Description Contact
Development Review

A development review process may be required prior to submitting for a building permit for:

  • New buildings
  • Additions
  • Change of use to land
  • Change of use to buildings



Phone: 970-221-6689



Poudre Fire Authority (PFA)

PFA  is a multi -jurisdictional Fire Department. Separate and additional online submittals are required for most commercial and multi-family projects. 

1. A submittal will be required for fire code review for all new construction and most commercial tenant finish projects.

2. A separate and additional submittal will be required for any fire systems installations or alterations i.e. sprinkler, fire alarm, hood and duct, etc.

3. When required, City of Fort Collins Building permits will not be issued without PFA issued permits and/or approvals and sign-off.


Phone: 970-416-2892

Larimer County Health Department

Larimer County Health Department is a multi-jurisdictional Health Department.  Separate and additional submittals are required for:

  1. Food or drink service, preparation, handling, or processing (Bars, Breweries, Distilleries, Restaurants, Commercial Commissary Kitchens, Food Manufacturing/Packaging, Grocery Stores) 
  2. Daycare
  3. Schools
  4. Healthcare Facilities
  5. Public recreational facilities (Pools)
  6. Institutions (Nursing home, Assisted Living, Rehab Centers, Hospitals)
  7. Individual sewage disposal systems (septic and potable water wells). 

When required, City of Fort Collins Building permits will not be issued without LCHD approval.



Phone: 970-498-6775

Zoning  Change of use or exterior modifications (including: facade, parking, landscaping, signage, or other changes visible to the public) may require a permit



Phone: 970-416-2745


Is your building located in a flood plain?

Buildings and alterations to buildings located in with a floodplain have specific requirements and limitations. 



Phone: 970-416-2632
Historic Preservation 

Is your building historically designated? Or, need a commercial/multi-family permit for a building over 50 years old?

Exterior alterations (including siding and windows) on historically-designated property and commercial/multi-family permits require review by Historic Preservation Services. Check out the incentives available for projects in Fort Collins. Not sure if replacing materials is cheaper than repairing what you have? Check out the cost calculator tool.



Phone: 970-224-6078

Use the table below to get info guides and checklists, permit applications, and resources specific to your project type.

Plans should be submitted in PDF format only. Each PDF needs to be named correctly

Other Resources:

I've successfully submitted my permit, what happens next?

  • The design, plans and documents you submitted will be checked before the permit is issued and construction begins. 

*****No work can begin until the applicant has received a copy of the building permit and approved plans. (Reviewers add red-lines and conditional comments to the plans that you will need for construction).******** 

Why Review? Reviews address code at the design phase which reduces costly re-construction and failed inspections by reviewing for compliance prior to construction. 

Who Reviews? The project is reviewed by many City Departments for compliance with building codes, land use code, zoning, historic, flood plain, and other project specific requirements.

I received an e-mail that a "Resubmittal is Requested," does that mean I have to submit for a new permit or start from the beginning? 

No, your permit has not been denied. This just means that:

  1. A reviewer may need additional information, clarification, or has questions about your project. 
  2. Or a specific drawing, critical detail, page or form may be missing from the submittal.
  3. Or plans do not comply with codes/requirements and need to be revised to show compliance. 

How do I resubmit my plans/documents?

Follow the resubmittal instructions in the email you received. New documents should be named v2 (v=version   #=round of review).

How long will it take to process a resubmittal?

Resubmittals have priority and are typically assigned a two week max turn around after submitted for building code items. You may contact the reviewer directly for questions about their timeline.

screen shot of citizen access showing how to navigate to the workflow and few department comments

Permit Status

  1. Use the Citizen Portal
  2. Under the Building category, select 'Search permits' (see photo above)
  3. Enter the address, permit number or stock plan number (i.e. B180xxxx or SP0xxxx), scroll down to click on 'Search'
  4. Select the permit/project from the list.
  5. Click 'Record Info' for drop down list of options (top left corner)
  6. Select 'Workflow Tasks'
    • No icon = task has not been activated/routed yet (not complete)
    • Hourglass = not completed, in process, or additional items are needed from the applicant.
    • Green check mark = completed task
  7. Click the grey triangle/arrow next to each task to view holds/comments from each reviewer.

Permit Status

Building and Zoning Review Times 

This chart provides target review dates for Zoning (Land Use Code Compliance review) and Building Code review. For most permit types Zoning (Land Use Code Compliance) will activate and open up the workflow of the permit and start the review time for building and all departments.

  • Target dates are subject to change due to workload.
  • Times are given in calendar days.


Project Type

Zoning Review Time 

Building Code Review Time


  • Pole Barn (commercial and residential)
  • New Residential Secondary Building
  • Wireless Telecommunication Facility 
  • New Residential Building with Habitable Space
  • New Commercial Secondary Building
  • Shed 



  • Residential Addition
  • Single Family Detached
  • New Manufactured Home Commercial
  • Stock Plans



  • Single Family Attached (Townhome)
  • Two Family Duplex
  • Commercial addition



  • New Commercial, Industrial or Mixed-Use Building
  • New Multi-Family



After the submittal is accepted, an email will be sent to the applicant per the building permit application for payment of the plan check fee and permit activation.

All remaining fees will be paid at time of permit issuance. See below for payment methods and transaction fees.

Payment Method Permit Fee Range Transaction Fee

Debit / Credit Card  (no amount limit)


$0.00 $2,500 

2.00% + $0.25 flat fee 

$2,500.01 and above 


eCheck ($150,000 limit)

Any amount up to $150,000

$0.50 flat fee 

Check (drop checks in the blue drop box on the Northwest side of the building - 281 N. College Ave. Box is checked several times each business day)

Any amount  


Work can start when the applicant has received a copy of the building permit and approved plans.  Reviewers add red-lines and conditional comments to the plans that you will need for construction. 

How to create an account on Citizen Access

How to download the approved plans

Citizen Access Portal

The type and quantity of inspections are project specific. 

  • Example: A new patio cover may have electrical, or may not. If a patio cover does have electrical, then a rough electric and final electric inspection would be needed for that project. 

Learn about inspection types and how to schedule them here: 


What to submit#

1. Download the approved, or the most current document set from citizen access that needs to be revised.

2. Only revise document sets that are being altered/changed.

3. Retain red-line comments/mark-ups that were added by City of Fort Collins if present.

4. Replace, add, or delete sheets where needed in the set.

  • Replaced and added sheets cannot have working comments from the applicant/design team (new sheets must be flattened)

5. Cloud/bubble/delta and/or clearly indicated what is changing on the new pages.

6. Rename the plan set with the next version number. (view citizen access to see what the next version needs to be. If most current set is v2, then submit as v3).

  • Name each document correctly:  Instructions
    • Example:  Plans - 1234 Example Street - v3
    • Example: Mech Docs - 1234 Example Street - v3
    • Example: Site Plan - 1234 Example Street - v3

7. Fill out the Revision Form.  Re-name the form: 

  • Letter - The Project Address – v1 (Example: Letter - 1234 Example Street - v1)

9. E-mail revision form and revised documents to

10. A $50-200 fee will be assessed by plan review based on the revision and project type.

Cloud/Bubble changes on plans#


Cost of applicant initiated revisions (post building plan review)

Revision size




Minor layout revisions (less than 25% of the floor area is affected)Change in window type/size

Minor Structural revisions (changing a beam size, connections etc. where 25% or less of the structural design is changing)

Solar revisions (wiring/connection changes, panel layout, full solar redesign (adding battery backup interface, automatic transfer switch).



Significant residential layout changes (more than 25% of the floor area is affected)

Change of Energy Path (for new construction or additions)

Significant structural revisions (more than 25% of the structural design is changing)

Changes to the Mechanical Design (for new construction or additions)



Significant commercial layout changes (more than 25% of the floor area is affected)

Commercial Change of occupancy or different tenant

Increased Commercial project square footage

Change in a new building or addition size or orientation (only when initiated by the applicant).


1.  Check the permit status:

  • Search Permits / Record Info /  workflow tasks / click on the small '+' to expand/view individual hold comments.   

2.  Plan time to send in final documents (some departments have a long lead times).

3. All inspections must be passed.

4. All departments/tasks must be signed off.

5. Most projects will receive a Letter of Completion or Certificate of Occupancy which can be downloaded from Citizen Access when the project is fully completed.

6. Uncompleted permits will expire. Expired permits become an open violation on the property. 

Permit submittal requirements by building and project type#

Type a building type/description into the search box to find submittal information. Search Here:#


Permit Fee Calculation (NEW! Starting 01/01/2024)#

Step 1: Identify the Occupancy Type (see description below)

Step 2: Calculated the cost per square foot for each occupancy type.

Step 3: Add the total cost per square foot for each occupancy type. Take 35% of total amount to calculate the plan check fee to be collected at time of permit submittal.

The remaining 65% of the total cost per square foot is the building permit fee and will be collected at the time of permit issuance. 

Step 4: See the sales and use tax calculator below for use tax calculation – total labor and materials.

New Construction Permit Fees
Occupancy Category Fee rate per square foot
A (Assembly)  $0.40
B (Business)  $0.50 
E (education/schools) we do regulate private schools  $0.50 
F (Factory)  $0.35 
I (Institutional)  $0.50 
M (Mercantile)  $0.40 
R-1 (Hotel)  $0.35 
R-2 (Apartment)  $0.35 
R-3 (Single Family Detached/Duplex)  $0.65 
R-4 (Assisted Living)  $0.55 
S (Storage)  $0.40 
U (Utility)  $0.40 
H High hazard  $0.60 

Core and Shell Buildings (no designated occupancies at time of construction)


Footing and Foundation Permit Fees.

Footing and Foundation permits are optional and not available for additions, - New Buildings Only

Project Type

Footing and Foundation Permit Fee

Single Family Detached House


Single Family Attached (Townhome)


Duplex (Two Family)


New Manufactured Home


Commercial Addition


New Com-Ind Mixed Use Building (commercial/industrial/mixed use)




Fee Type by department Fee Description
City and County Sales/Use Tax 

5.15% on half of the total construction valuation – view Sales Tax website at

See sales tax calculator below

Capital Expansion Fees and Larimer County Regional Road Fees

Based on square footage of a new building or per dwelling unit for residential.

  • Community Parkland 
  • Neighborhood Parkland 
  • Fire 
  • General Governmental Services 
  • Police

Transportation Capital Expansion Fees and Larimer County Regional Road Fees:

Fees are based on type of development, new traffic being added to the transportation system, and last approved use for the site. Development categories are defined by the Institute of Transportation Engineers Trip Generation Manual, not the International Building and Residential Codes. For a detailed listing of fees, please visit:
Water & Sewer Fees:

Plant Investment Fees and Water Rights -- schedules and further information available by contacting a Utility Rate and Fee Specialist:

(970) 416-4252 development-fees

Stormwater Fee:

Plant Investment Fee - For further information contact a Utility Rate and Fee Specialist: 

(970) 416-4252 development-fees
Electric Underground Secondary Service Charge:
  • Single Family Residence Elec. Secondary Service (typical) charges may vary depending on service …$2,054.00
  • Temporary Pedestal Service - per Single Family Residence (unattached)…
    • $330.57 

Other development charges may apply.

Additional information and electric development fee calculator:


Contact Light & Power Engineering at:

(970) 221-6700

Poudre School District Impact Fee (per dwelling unit)
  • Single Family Detached, or 2-4 attached dwelling units...$1,710.00
  • 5 or more attached dwelling units...$855.00
Thompson School District Impact Fee (per dwelling unit)
  • Single Family Detached, or 2-4 attached dwelling units...$1,382.00
  • 5 or more attached dwelling units...$946.00
Poudre Fire Authority Permit Fees Fire review and permit fees 
Payment Method Permit Fee Range Transaction Fee

Debit / Credit Card  (no amount limit)


$0.00 $2,500 

2.00% + $0.25 flat fee 

$2,500.01 and above 


eCheck ($150,000 limit)

Any amount up to $150,000

$0.50 flat fee 

Check (drop checks in the blue drop box on the Northwest side of the building - 281 N. College Ave. Box is checked several times each business day)

Any amount  


Sales Tax Calculator#