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Building News and Updates!#

2024 Building Code Adoption Updates#


  • The International Code Committee (ICC) publishes updated code versions every 3 years. The most recent 2024 codes are posted on ICC's website: link opens in a new browser tab
    • Disclaimer: not all of the codes published by ICC are part of the adoption package. 
    • ICC conveniently shows the changes in blue so that you can tell what has changed between the prior code version and new code version. 
  • Current adopted codes and amendments can be found here for reference:
  • The ICC codes are then reviewed, amended and then adopted by the City of Fort Collins.
  • Amendments are changes or edits we make locally to the international codes published by ICC 
    • Example: Fort Collins is located in a high wind region near the foothills, so the structural requirements in codes prior have been "amended" so our buildings can withstand those high wind gusts. 
  • This is typically a 1yr process
  • Join us in the adoption process (see the timeline, join a meeting)


2024 Building Code Adoption Committee meetings

Meetings have been paused and will resume when all of the I-Codes have been published (including full IRC and IECC)

We are here!

Public Outreach

Outreach to: boards, commissions, citizen groups (list to come)

Building Code Committee meetings (part 2)

Building code committee reconvenes to review the comments from the public outreach phase. 

City Council Work Sessions
Present to City Council for Adoption
Code Adoption

Code goes into effect 10 days after the City Council second reading approval 

Current Status:#

How it works:

  1. The Building Code Adoption Committee a team of City Staff from various departments, as well as local design & construction professionals (who graciously volunteer their time and expertise). The committee is tasked to review updated codes and proposed amendments and discuss impacts to our community. 
  2. These meetings occur each week for three months and the public is welcome to attend virtually by Zoom 
  3. Meetings will occur (almost) every Wednesday from 10am -1pm, June 5th - August 28th.
    • (***Please Note: The committee will meet on Thursday, June 20th from 10am-1pm during the third week of June to accommodate the Juneteenth holiday).  

Meeting log (Recorded meetings will be posted here): 

Wed 6/5/2024: Recording

Wed 6/12/2024: This meeting has been canceled 

***Thu 6/20/2024: This meeting has been canceled 

Wed 6/26/2024: This meeting has been canceled 

Wed 7/3/2024:  This meeting has been canceled 

Wed 7/10/2024:  This meeting has been canceled 

Wed 7/17/2024:

Wed 7/24/2024:

Wed 7/31/2024:

Wed 7/7/2024:

Wed 7/14/2024:

Wed 7/21/2024:

Wed 7/28/2024:

Join the weekly Zoom meeting

Codes under review (as published by ICC)

Amendment Drafts (preliminary suggested edits to the ICC codes)

2024 International Building Code (IBC)

TBD (not written yet)

2024 International Residential Code (IRC)

TBD (not written yet

2024 International Existing Building Code (IEBC)

TBD (not written yet)

2024 International Mechanical Code (IMC)

TBD (not written yet)

2024 International Fuel and Gas Code (IFGC)

TBD (not written yet)

International Plumbing Code (IPC)

  • These are generic amendments, since the 2024 International Plumbing Code is generally adopted at a later date statewide.

TBD (not written yet)

2024 International Swimming Pool and Spa Code (ISPSC TBD (not written yet)
2024 International Property Maintenance Code TBD (not written yet)

2024 International Energy Code (IECC)

  •  ***note this has not been published by ICC yet and will be reviewed last.
TBD (not written yet)

Comments or questions (about the 2024 code adoption)#

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Other News (News Log):#

New permit exemptions added for plumbing fixtures#

New local amendments went into effect 2/16/2024 which allows for replacement of plumbing fixtures without a permit. Specifically: 

"The clearing of stoppages or the repairing of leaks in pipes, valves or fixtures, and the repair and replacement of garbage disposal units and dishwashers directly connected to the sanitary sewer system, including the necessary replacement of all tail pipes and traps, or the repair, maintenance, and replacement of of sinks, faucets, drains, showers, tubs, and toilets, provided such repairs do not involve the replacement or rearrangement of valves or pipes."

NOTE: Moving, replacing and rearranging of pipes and valves still requires a permit. 


Fee changes in 2024#

  1. City and county sales tax calculators have been updated online:
    • Prior: 4.65% (on half the total construction value)
    • New as of 1/1/2024: 5.15% (on half the total construction value)
  2. Electric underground secondary service for single family houses: 
    • Prior: $2030.00
    • New as of 1/1/2024: $2054.00
  3. Temporary pedestal service (per detached single family residence):
    1. Prior: $305.57
    2. New as of 1/1/2024: $330.45

For questions about these fee changes, please contact the appropriate departments:

Electric fees:  Light & Power / (970) 221-6700 /

Sales tax: / 970-221-6780 / 

10/9/2023 - Expanded permitting options#

The intent of these additions are to add flexibility to and streamline the permitting process for installation of multiple appliances at the same address. 


Current process: A building permit is required for each appliance.  

New option: One building permit can be issued for multiple appliance installations/replacements at the same address. 


  • Mechanical and plumbing equipment shall be issued separate permits.  
  • Furnace (single or multiple) and A/C (single or multiple) can be issued on one mechanical permit.
  • Water Heater (single or multiple) can be issued on one plumbing permit. 
  • Fees: $65 fee per appliance will be assessed. 

Expanded permitting options#

The intent of these additions are to add flexibility to and streamline the permitting process for alterations in multi-family building units.


Current process: A building permit is required for each individual unit.  

New option: One building permit can be issued per multi-family building for any scope of work.  


  • Submitted plans must reflect all unit types and complete scope.  
  • Description of work must include all affected units. If all units are not affected, individual unit numbers must be provided. 
  • If a development has multiple buildings, one permit must be obtained for each building.
  • Inspection scheduling: One inspection per trade and per building shall be used as needed.
    • Inspection scheduling comments must include units to be inspected. 
    • Inspection result comments shall be used to track progress of work. 
  • The permit will not be completed/closed until all units and scope of work have passed necessary inspections and all final documents have been received. 
  • Permit fees are unchanged and continue to be valuation based.

Note: Condos and other individually owned units must obtain one permit per unit. 

2023 NEC goes into effect#

The 2023 NEC has been adopted by the State of Colorado and goes into effect August 1st 2023 both at the state and local level in Fort Collins. 

State Plumbing Board adoption of the 2021 IPC and local amendments. Effective 4/14/2023

View State Plumbing Board Rules

Graywater Treatment Works#

Graywater for toilet flushing only, now allowed in Fort Collins!

The City of Fort Collins will be updating the adopted building codes to conform with the 2021 International Codes with local amendments. 


  • April 15th, 2022: New codes and amendments will go into effect. 


  • Second reading and approval (April 5th 2022): The proposed code adoption and amendments are  presented to City Council for second reading and were approved.  Note: this was originally scheduled for march 1st and has been postponed till April 5th.
  • First Reading (February 15th 2022): The proposed code adoption and amendments were presented to City Council for first reading.
  • Code committee: May 18 - July 20th 2021:The City and County, in cooperation with other local building departments, created a Code Adoption Review Committee to oversee the process and propose updates to local building code amendments. This committee met twice weekly from with public attendance/access via Zoom. 

Preview the upcoming codes

Updated building and development review fees will took effect January 1, 2022. The new fees are available HERE

After a multi-year process, the City is updating the approach to fee collection for both development review projects and building permits. As a result of the change in methodology, some fees will increase and others will decrease. Additional information on this fee update is provided HERE.


If you would like more information on how the new fee schedule relates to your project or have questions or concerns, please contact building services.


New State Requirement Effective January 1st 2020: Inspector verification of plumbing and electrical licenses in the field. 

Building Services is happy to announce the completion of a new interactive GIS application for permits. Users will be able to search by address for current building permits, all building permits, and expired building permits. Once you locate an address, there are links to search for more information in Citizen Access and Public Records, enhancing the experience and functionality. We welcome you to try it and provide feedback on any improvements. Try the layer tab or the "filter building permits" tool under the home tab to further enhance your experience.

Interactive Permit Map

The Community Development & Neighborhood Services Department is awarding mini grants to small businesses and non-profits with 20 or fewer employees going through the Building or Development Review process to provide them with technical assistance. This funding is from the federal American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) and is intended to help support our local business community recovery from the effects of COVID-19. Grants can be used for: 

  • Project Management
  • Site Planning
  • Landscape Design
  • Civil/Structural Engineering
  • Surveying
  • Lighting Design
  • Architecture
  • Sprinkler Design
  • Fire, Environmental, and Hazard Consultations

***mini grants cannot go towards City fees or building and infrastructure improvements.

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