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About Us#

Building Services is the quality control and building safety experts for Fort Collins, ensuring your built environment is in compliance with both the Municipal and Land Use Codes.

We do this by:

  • providing inspections,
  • issuing permits,
  • examining construction plans for all new building, additions, and alterations,
  • testing and licensing local contractors,
  • responding to citizen complaints, and
  • supporting both the Building Review Board and Zoning Board of Appeals.

Department / Permit Workflow Name

Contact Information

Building Code Plan Review

(Bldg Insp Plan Review)  /  970-416-2757

Electric Engineering Review

(Electric Eng Review) 
Engineering Review  /  970-416-8076

Poudre Fire Authority Review

(Fire Authority Review)  /  970-416-2891

Larimer County Health Department

(Health Dept Review)  /  970-498-6675

Historic Preservation Review

(Hist Pres Review)  /  970-224-6078

Water, Waste Water Fee Review (Non-City Water)

(noncity WWW Fee Review)

Boxelder Sanitation:  970- 498-0604

Elco Water:  970-493-2044

Fort Collins/Loveland Water: 970-226-3104

Storm Water Utilities Engineering Review

(SW Engineering Review) 

Storm Water Erosion Review

(SW Erosion Review)

Storm Water Fee Review 

(Storm Water Utility Fee)

Floodplain Review

(SW Floodplain Review) 

Street Oversizing Review  /  970-224-6108

Water, Waste Water Backflow Review

(WWW Backflow Review)  /  970-416-2249

Water, Waste Water Engineering Review

(WWW Eng Review) 

Water, Waste Water Fee Review 

(WWW Fee Review) 

Water, Waste Water Irrigation Review

(WWW Irrigation Review)  /  970-2216704

Water, Waste Water Trap/Interceptor Review

(WWW Traps Review)  /  970-416-2494

Utilities Energy Review 

Zoning Review  /  970-416-2745

Building Services#

  • Physical Address: 281 North College, Fort Collins, CO 80524  map and directions.
  • Mailing Address: PO Box 2047, Fort Collins, CO 80522-0580 Fax: 970-224-6134
  • Email:
  • Open to the Public: M-F  8am-5pm (Closed on holidays)

For after-hours general information only call CITY LINE at 970-416-2489:

  • Building Permits:  441 and 442
  • Contractor Licensing: 970-224-6165
  • Sign Ordinance information, use extension 137