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Rehab Right Cost Calculator#

Historic preservation projects are sometimes considered more costly than modern construction techniques when in reality, the math is more complicated. Frequently, projects that may see an increase in labor costs can save significantly by repairing existing materials rather than purchasing new ones.The Cost Calculator tools below provide a comparison tool to "do the math" and help figure out if replacement is really the most cost effective option. One thing to bear in mind as well is the environmental costs of replacing materials - retaining and repairing existing materials helps reduce overall use of energy and raw materials.  

There are many incentives for historic preservation that can further offset the costs of retaining your existing materials. The City of Fort Collins offers grants and loans to help with the design and completion of sensitive projects on historic buildings. The State of Colorado offers grants and tax credits for qualifying projects. In some cases, larger projects on income producing properties can qualify for federal historic tax credits. Check out how these resources can help you Rehab Right

How these Cost Comparison Tools Work#

Open up the tool (Excel XLSX format) to begin understanding how repairing historic materials versus replacing with modern materials will effect your cost as well as understand the expected longevity of the products. 

Steps to using the cost calculator:

1. Save the file onto your computer for maximum usability. 

2. Each tab is labeled to give a quick description of what you'll find on that tab. For example, if you are looking to find information on windows, click over to the third tab labeled "Enter Your Window Size Here."

3. Follow the directions on the tab for entering dimensions, then click over to other tabs to understand the cost of repair versus replacement of different types of windows.

4. Continue clicking over to check out the other tabs on siding, eaves, doors, and more!

Residential Cost Calculator

Provides cost comparison of several key exterior features, including windows, siding, eaves & cornices, trim, doors, porch features, and exterior flooring.

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Commercial Cost Calculator

Provides cost comparison on several common commercial property items, including windows, entry doors, cornices & eaves, flooring, plaster, and brick masonry.

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