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Eastside/Westside Neighborhood Design Standards


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In January 2010, a study commenced to explore concerns related to the compatibility of new single family houses, additions to existing single family houses as it relates to their surrounding context. Of particular concern is that small, older houses rich in character are being removed and replaced with larger, incompatible new construction. Council considered the study and potential implementation options in several work sessions, and a majority found that changes to development standards may be necessary.

The Ordinance

The new ordinance changes zoning regulations that limit the size of houses in the NCL and NCM zoning districts. House size limits are currently based on maximum allowable floor area, as a percentage of lot area.

Before this, floor area on a lot could be 40% of lot area in the NCL zone, and 50% of a lot in the NCM zone.

The NEW max allowable floor area for single family houses and associated accessory buildings is 45% of the first 3,000 s.f. of lot area, and 25% of the remaining lot area. Same for both zones.

So for a 7,000 s.f. lot, it’s 1,350 plus 1,000 = 2,350 s.f.

Basements don’t count against the limit, nor do the first 250 square feet of a detached garage.

If you add the 2,350 plus 250 in a detached garage, for a total of 2,600 s.f., that would give a total floor area ratio of 37% which you could compare to the current 40% or 50%. So, a new house on a 7,000 s.f. lot could be 2,350 s.f. plus a basement plus a 1-car detached garage. A bigger garage would make the house limit correspondingly smaller.


If you are in the affected area, you will need to provide:
  1. Before pictures of the property (in electronic and hard copy). Send to Sandy Lindell at slindell@fcgov.comand copy
  2. Site plan with:
    • Existing F.A.R.
    • Proposed F.A.R.
    • New total square footage
  3. Additionally, before a certificate of occupancy will be issued, a grading certification from a land surveyor will need to be submitted.