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Classes & Presentations

Adult Bicycling Education

The FC Bikes Bicycle Ambassador Program (BAP) is the education arm of FC Bikes. Through BAP we aim to make Northern Colorado the safest place to ride a bicycle by learning, educating and advocating within the community.

The BAP offers education to adults in the community by recruiting volunteers and training them to be to be Bicycle Ambassadors who then train others about safe cycling practices.

Learn from Bicycle Ambassadors

  • Bicycle safety, skills and instructional classes for individuals and communities
  • Lunch-and-Learn presentation at business on a variety of cycling-related topics
  • Education for neighborhoods and at events

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Be a Bike Ambassador

  • Learn bike safety and how to teach cycling-related curriculum through comprehensive training
  • Increase safety by educating cyclists and motorists about cycling-related topics in classes, at events and in the field
  • Identify and report infrastructure opportunities for better cycling conditions
  • Build community and have fun while making a positive impact

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Bicycle Traffic Citation Course

In partnership with the City of Fort Collins Municipal Court, the FC Bikes Bicycle Ambassador Program offers a Bicycle Traffic Citation Course for individuals who have received citations related to cycling. In the Bicycle Traffic Citation Course cyclists and motorists alike learn about laws for cyclists, laws for motorists as they relate to cyclists, tips for safe cycling and how to share the road to make it safe for everyone.

2017 Sessions:

Youth Bicycling Education

Looking for information about cycling education for youth? Check out the Safe Routes to School webpage and the Bicycling Section of the City of Fort Collins Recreator