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The Music is Always Playing

Ryan Sauter
Art in Action Tent, south of Old Town Square on Mountain

Ryan's mural design illustrates the symphony of nature, where every element contributes to an eternal, harmonious melody. The sun, center stage, radiates beams like the strings of a guitar, setting the rhythm for the day. The flowing river plays a continuous, calming baseline, while musical notes emanate from creatures and insects in the trees. As the day turns to night, a new set of sounds emerge to continue nature’s great song. It is a reminder that in the quietest moments, if we listen closely, we can hear the world’s natural rhythm all around us, day and night. 

Ryan's artistic journey has been varied and enriching, beginning with foundational practices like sketching, figure drawing, and painting, to later expanding into the digital realm with vector graphics. Currently, his painting focuses on naturalistic themes, prominently featuring animals, nature, and the cosmos. He takes great joy in exploring and reinterpreting nature's diverse beauty, often adding a unique, sometimes abstract, twist to his creations. Outside of his artwork, he loves exploring the great outdoors, whether it's mountain biking, camping, or discovering new places through travel.