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Art in Public Places

Current Competitions#


The City of Fort Collins Art in Public Places (APP) Program, in cooperation with community partners Bohemian Foundation and Downtown Development Authority, seek to involve local artists/teams by commissioning them to work with the Pianos About Town Project team to paint murals or otherwise artistically decorate working pianos. The artists will be required to work on the piano in downtown or other APP determined locations in Fort Collins. The intent of this project is to create a downtown attraction of an artist working on site and to place decorated pianos around the Fort Collins area. The artists/teams are required to develop and submit a visual concept for the mural to be painted or decoration to be added to a functioning piano. Selected artists will be paid an $1,000 honorarium. Deadline: February 1, 2021

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El Programa Arte en Espacios Públicos (APP, por sus siglas en inglés) de la ciudad de Fort Collins, junto con los socios de la comunidad Fundación Bohemian y la Autoridad para el Desarrollo del Centro busca involucrar a los artistas o equipos locales al encargarles que trabajen con el equipo de Proyecto Pianos en la Ciudad para pintar murales o decorar de forma artística los pianos en funcionamiento. Se requerirá que los artistas trabajen sobre el piano en el casco histórico y en otras ubicaciones determinadas por el APP de Fort Collins. La intención de este proyecto es crear una atracción en el centro de un artista que trabaje in situ y colocar pianos decorados en la zona de Fort Collins. Se requiere que los artistas o equipos desarrollen y presenten un concepto visual del mural a pintar o de la decoración que se agregará al piano en funcionamiento. Los individuos o equipos seleccionados recibirán $1,000 honorarios. Las propuestas se deben recibir el 1 de febrero de 2021.

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The City of Fort Collins, Colorado, Art in Public Places Program (APP) is seeking submissions to select an artist/artist team to develop art concepts for the West Elizabeth Corridor Project. The project plan details a Bus Rapid Transit (BRT)system supported by related roadway, bicycle, and pedestrian improvements. The multi-modal improvements would meet current demand and future growth by consolidating existing service to BRT, connecting to CSU and the existing MAX line, and completing an enhanced and connected bicycling and pedestrian network. The artists/teams will work with the project team to develop concepts for art at the site. Artists/teams will be selected based on their qualifications/application materials. The art project is estimated at $37,750. Deadline: March 1, 2021

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The City of Fort Collins Art in Public Places (APP) Program will soon be posting its 2021 Pedestrian Paver request for designs from artists aged 3 to 18 years old. The City requests black and white line drawings, either representational or abstract concepts, depicting a transportation or life in Fort Collins theme. Accepted designs will be sandblasted into 16" × 16" granite pavers and placed in various sidewalks throughout Fort Collins and the artists will be paid a $50 honorarium. If your child would like to get a head start on their design, please download the template below. Check back in February for the deadline and full details on how to submit entries.

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