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The Observations of an Onlooker

Lydia Tarleton
Art in Action Tent, south of Old Town Square on Mountain

Moving from Northeast Ohio to Fort Collins has been like a state fair for Lydia's senses. Everywhere she turns, there’s beauty in nature, a diversity of people, and an array of pastimes and places to explore. Fort Collins feels new, alive, thriving, vibrant, modern, and eclectic. When she sat down to design her mural, she had a million ideas but couldn’t get past the essence Fort Collins portrays to newcomers. In her design, bold colors and geometric shapes create abstract depictions of the objects and activities that seem to define the community of Fort Collins from an onlooker’s perspective.

Lydia Tarleton is an imaginative, playful artist and graphic designer. With a knack for blending classic with a dash of whimsy, Lydia's work feels like a burst of confetti. Whether she's painting quirky portraits or drafting contemporary logos, her aesthetic leaks through, making her a favorite in both the design and artistic spheres. Her work reflects a dedication to creativity, innovation, and the power of visual communication to inspire and connect. When she’s not immersed in her latest project, you can find Lydia drinking coffee, baking bread, or chasing her dog around the yard.