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Engineering Development Review#

What We Do#

Engineering Development Review provides development services to developers, citizens, builders and contractors who want to develop, build, construct or remodel. We review development proposals to ensure compliance with planning, transportation and engineering standards. We are involved from the inception of a proposal through to construction, acceptance and completion.

This includes reviewing plans for consistency with the City’s overall plans, adopted land use policies, development standards, and has high quality public infrastructure constructed according to Larimer County Urban Areas Street Standards (LCUASS).

Easement And Right Of Way Dedication#

Easement dedication for a proposal can occur as part of a plat, replat or if the property is already platted by separate document. The following information identifies the process and format for public easement dedication by separate document.

Easement Vacation#

A public easement can be vacated by plat, replat or by resolution if agreed to by the intended easement users. The following information identifies the process and format for vacating an easement by resolution (often times called by separate document). Please note the City can only process and vacate easements dedicated to the City.

Vacation Of Public Right-Of-Way#

Right-of-way is property that is owned by the City. Only City Council has the ability to vacate right-of-way. The following information identifies the process and format for vacation of public right-of-way.

Information For Development Agreement#

A development agreement is a legal document between the City, the developer, and owner of a property. The development agreement describes and defines many of the terms and code requirements that apply to all developments and those specific to the development. Information regarding the legal entities and signatories is needed to prepare the development agreement for review. For a copy of a draft base document or more information on this document or process please contact Dave Betley at or 970-221-6573.

Information for Development Agreements

Development Construction Permit (DCP)#

A development construction permit (DCP) must be obtained for any project constructing public infrastructure like: City water or sewer mains, public streets, public sidewalks, public drainage facilities, etc. Grading and utility work on a project that includes public infrastructure cannot start until this permit is issued.