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  •   Dept Head: Laurie Kadrich

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Historic Preservation Code and Process Review: The Fort Collins Historic Preservation Division is beginning the next level of its comprehensive program review. The City has contracted with Clarion, Inc., a respected firm with experience in preservation and urban planning, to do this review. Clarion has created a short, fillable questionnaire as a part of the on-going code review project. We are looking for as much feedback as possible -- any and all comments you provide will be helpful! Please email the completed questionnaire to Lisa Steiner at bHN0ZWluZXJAY2xhcmlvbmFzc29jaWF0ZXMuY29t.

Old Town Neighborhoods Design Guidelines: The City of Fort Collins has adopted new Old Town Neighborhoods Design Guidelines for the residential areas that extend east and west of Downtown Fort Collins. Because residents of these neighborhoods expressed a desire to maintain the historic character of the neighborhoods in a time of rapid change and redevelopment, City Council adopted the guidelines in February 2017 to help property owners consider existing character when planning maintenance and rehabilitation projects, new additions, and infill construction of new residences. The guidelines are voluntary and are filled with helpful information on the architectural styles commonly found in the area and tips for sensitive changes that will keep these neighborhoods a treasure for decades to come.

Historic Preservation Stories: Great Western Sugar Factory Flume and BridgeFoCo Cafe, and Colleen Scholz's Dentist OfficeLearn more about the unique opportunities stories of designated buildings and structures. You might be surprised to know that many historic buildings are now businesses! Please let us know what you think about these videos by emailing Cassandra Bumgarner at Y2J1bWdhcm5lckBmY2dvdi5jb20=.

Brian Cooke's Preservation Story: Check out Brian Cooke's story of how he made the decision to landmark and rehabilitate his property in historic Old Town. Brian owns a 100+ year old American Foresquare-style home, also known as a Denver Square. He discusses the obligations and incentives of landmark designation in this piece and how he came to the conclusion that designation was the right choice for him.

Check Building Permits & Development Review Online

Spotlight image: Check Building Permits & Development Review Online

You can check the status of Building Permits, Development Review projects, and also schedule your building inspections online with our Community Services Citizen Access Portal


Vibrant Neighborhoods Grant

Spotlight image: Vibrant Neighborhoods Grant

How would a City-funded project help make your neighborhood an even greater place to live and work?

New in 2017, the Vibrant Neighborhoods Grant is a progressive and innovative program which offers funds in support of neighborhood projects that are envisioned, developed, and driven by the residents and local stakeholders through a collaborative process.

For more information, visit

Did You Know? Preventing Fugitive Dust -- It's a Must!

Spotlight image: Did You Know? Preventing Fugitive Dust -- It's a Must!

Please visit  to sign up for training sessions and find out what is required of owners and operators of dust generating activity.


Loomis Addition Project

Spotlight image: Loomis Addition Project

The Loomis Addition Project comprises fifteen blocks roughly equidistant between downtown Fort Collins and City Park. Along with the West Side Addition directly to its north, the Loomis Addition was the first subdivision to be platted west of the Original Town plat.  This two-part project includes a context report and survey analysis.