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Historic Preservation Commission

Primary functions are the local landmark designation of historic properties and the review and approval of plans for exterior changes to them.

Current Members and Term Expiration Dates

March 31, 2025

  • Jim Rose (Chair)

March 31, 2026

  • Jenna Edwards, Margo Ann Carlock

March 31, 2027

  • David Woodlee

March 31, 2028

  • Chris Conway, Aaron Hull, Jeff Gaines, Bonnie Gibson

Council Liaison(s): Tricia Canonico

Staff Liaison(s): Maren Bzdek

Archived Documents

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(April 20, 2021 and later)

(Prior to April 20, 2021)


The Commission shall perform all duties relating to preservation of historic landmarks as set out in Chapter 14, including the designation of sites, structures, objects or districts as landmarks and the review and approval or rejection of plans for the construction, alteration, demolition or relocation of any such site, structure, object or district. Decisions of the Commission are final unless appealed to the City Council.

The Commission shall also perform the following additional functions:

  1. To promote awareness and understanding of, and appreciation for, the value of historic resource preservation in contributing to the quality of life in the City, and actively encourage property owners to voluntarily designate their properties as historic landmarks;
  2. To advise the City Council and City staff with regard to the identification and evaluation of historic resources within the Growth Management Area and provide information regarding the significance of the resources, the nature and degree of threat to their preservation, and methods for their protection;
  3. To advise the City Council and City staff with regard to appropriate policies, incentives and regulations for encouraging and/or requiring preservation and rehabilitation of historic resources;
  4. To coordinate with the various other City boards, commissions and City staff members whose actions may affect the preservation of historic resources in the community;
  5. To establish a committee of its members to provide advice and, if required under Section 2.10.2(H) of the Land Use Code, written recommendations to the owners of eligible historic properties, and of properties located near eligible historic properties, regarding historically appropriate design and site planning for additions, alterations, and new construction in the City; provided, however, that any members of such committee who provide such advice or recommendations to property owners under this provision shall refrain from participating in any subsequent decisions of the Commission related to such properties;
  6. To perform such other duties and functions as may be provided by the City Council by ordinance or resolution.

Recommended Qualifications

In making appointments to the Commission, the City Council shall give due consideration to maintaining a balance of interests and skills in the composition of the Commission and to the individual qualifications of the candidates including but not limited to their training, experience, knowledge or interest in any one or more of the fields of architecture, architectural history, landscape architecture, structural engineering, general contracting, urban planning, history, archaeology or related disciplines, mortgage lending and commerce.

Time Commitment

15-20 hours a month


Prior to April 20, 2021, the Historic Preservation Commission was called the Landmark Preservation Commission. [Ordinance No. 049, 2021]

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