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Boards and Commissions FAQs#

Boards and commissions bridge the gap between the public and Council.  

Boards acquire and study information in specific areas and to make recommendations to City Council on issues within the board's area of expertise area of expertise.  

Commissions are quasi-judicial and have decision-making powers within their areas of expertise. Decisions made by quasi-judicial Commissions are appealable to the City Council or the courts. 

The City of Fort Collins currently has 23 standing boards, commissions and authorities consisting of approximately 210 volunteer members. All board members are appointed by the Fort Collins City Council and serve without compensation. 

Each board and commission is supported by a staff liaison. In addition, each board and commission has a Council liaison. The City Clerk's Office coordinates the recruitment and appointment process for all boards and commissions. 

Annual Recruitment for boards and commissions begins each December and goes through January 10. 

Throughout the year, vacancies often occur due to resignations. If the pool of applications on file from the last annual appointment process is not sufficient to fill interim vacancies, the City Clerk's Office may periodically advertise for additional applicants.

Applicants must reside within the Fort Collins Growth Management Area (GMA) during their service on a Board or Commission. The GMA includes the area within city limits and certain areas in the County which are considered appropriate for urban development and eventual annexation into the city.

Exceptions to the GMA residency requirement:

  • Members of the Downtown Development Authority must be landowners, residents, or business lessees within the boundaries of the Authority.
  • Qualified candidates can apply to up to three boards or commissions, however; they can only be appointed to one.
  • A separate application is required for each board.

Helpful Hint: Since the Councilmembers are using the applications as the key instrument in evaluating your qualifications, applicants are encouraged to complete each application individually instead of completing one application and making a copy for each board or commission.

The interview panel uses the following criteria when considering applicants:

  • Has the candidate applied for this board or commission in the past, demonstrating their continued interest in the role?
  • Would the applicant’s membership contribute to a more well-rounded board or commission, in terms of related community involvement or work experience or existing relationships with community members?
  • Would the applicant’s membership fill an existing gap on the board or commission, in terms of related community involvement or work experience or existing relationships with community members?
  • Does this candidate represent the community perspective in a way that would benefit the board or commission?
  • Does this applicant possess technical expertise or knowledge that is needed on the board or commission?
  • All applications on file are organized and compiled for Council consideration.
  • During the time that applications are being reviewed, City Council may form interview teams consisting of the Council liaison to each board and one other Councilmember.
  • At the direction of the Council interview team, applicants may be contacted by the City Clerk's Office to schedule a 15-minute interview.
  • Following completion of the Council review and/or interview process, the Council interview team will make recommendations to fill vacancies.
  • Appointment recommendations will be placed in an appointment resolution which will be considered by the whole Council at the earliest possible Council meeting.
  • Following adoption of the appointment resolution, each applicant will receive an email notifying them of the status of their application(s).
  • If any vacancies occur during that period, your application will be reconsidered.
  • Your application is kept on file for 12 months, after which you will have to reapply.

Appointments to the boards and commissions are made annually in March, with terms of new members beginning on April 1 (except for the Affordable Housing Board and the Human Services and Housing Funding Board, whose terms begin July 1). If you are recommended for appointment on a board or commission, you will be appointed via Resolution at a City Council meeting. 

  • Type 1 and Type 2 advisory board members can serve 2-year terms or 4-year terms.
  • Quasi-judicial commission members serve 4-year terms. 
  • Board and commission members can serve up to 8 consecutive years before being term limited. 

You can find the boards and commissions manual below. 

Read the Manual

List of Boards and Commissions

See the List

If you need assistance applying please reach out to or call (970) 416-2525. We are happy to help!

NOTE:  If you are not selected to serve on a board at this time, don't be discouraged! Many current board members will tell you that they applied several times before being appointed.