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Residential Permits

New Single-family Residential Construction and Additions Application Submittal Checklist (178KB)
Residential Stock Plan Submittal Requirements & Checklist (27KB)
2015 IRC Residential Energy Code Compliance Form (121KB)
Building Plan Details (110KB)
HVAC Load Calculations and Duct Design Requirements for Single-family Permit Submittals (115KB)
Wood Burning Stove Permit & Installation Requirements (24KB)
Manufactured Housing Installation Permits (11KB)

Solar Permits

Solar Permit Application Form (50KB)
Requirements for Residential Solar Systems (66KB)

Demolition Permits

Commercial and Residential Demolition Permit Requirements (67KB)

Disclosure Forms

Required for a Certificate of Occupancy for new residential. Certificate of Occupancy checklist (114KB)
Insulation Disclosure Form (19KB)


- Building permit application
- Two sets of floor plans to scale

Basement Finish Permit Requirements

Sample Plans & Code Requirements (2.1MB)

Detached garages, decks, patio covers, & sunshades


- Building permit application
- Plan review fee
- Two sets of site plans showing house located on the property and location of proposed structure
- Two sets of plans to scale, see sample plans to the left.

Detached Garage Plans and Span Charts (238KB)
Deck Plans and Span Charts (184KB)
Patio Cover Plans and Span Charts (324KB)
Sunshade Plans and Span Charts (167KB)
Shed Plans and Span Charts (387KB)