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Commercial and Multi-Family Projects#

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Due to the extremely high volume of scheduled roof inspections, we are not able to perform next-day inspection for roofs. Roof inspections are currently scheduled several months out, and we are working to address staffing and resource challenges to address the high workload. Thank you for your patience.

NEW! Asphalt Roofing Requirements

Trust Account Information

Field Verification Form

Construction Waste Management Plan

Roofing Permit Application

Submit CWMP (Construction Waste Management Plan)

  1. Construction Waste Management 
  2. Electronic Submittal for roofing CWMP

Commercial Demo Guide

Owner Authorization Form

Asbestos Awareness Disclosure

Construction Waste Management Plan


Demo Permit Application
Electrical  If scope of work involves more than electrical, submit for a remodel permit. Electric Permit Application
Plumbing If scope of work involves more than plumbing, submit for a remodel permit. Plumbing Permit Application
Backflow Preventer    Backflow Preventer Application
Commercial Gas / Wood Stove / Fire Pit

Wood Burning Stove Guide 

  • EPA Product List
  • For gas fire pits, submit a site plan and manufacturer's specs with the permit application
  • An additional and separate permit may be required by Poudre Fire Authority
Gas / Wood Burning Appliance
Commercial Water Heater / Furnace / AC /RTU
  • One permit per appliance
  • New Install or replacement
  • Contact Larimer County Health department when replacing a water heater in a food service establishment.
Heating/Cooling/Water Heater Permit Application
Solar  Structural and Electrical plans are required and must be stamped by an Engineer.  Solar Application
Commercial Deck, Pergola, Patio Cover, Shade Sails Must be designed and stamped by a Colorado Licensed Structural Engineer. Additionally, Submit manufacturer's specs for specialty products such shade sail cloth and plastics when used. Building Permit Application
Commercial Shed

See: Residential Shed Guide

  • Pre-Built Structures or Kits may be required to be designed and stamped by a Colorado Licensed Structural Engineer.
  • Sheds attached to a building (lean-to) are considered an addition and require engineering.
Building Permit Application
Flag Poles

 Flag Pole Requirements

Building Permit Application
Public or Community Swimming Pools, spas and hot tubs
  • Manufacturer's specs or custom design details
  • Engineered structural design
  • Site plan to scale
  • Safety Barrier details or approved cover details
  • Accessibility Details 
Building Permit Application

Commercial Remodel:   

  • Tenant Finish
  • Vanilla Shell
  • First time tenant in a new building
  • Alterations 
  • Layout changes
  • Changing Function/Occupancy type.

Tenant Finish Submittal Guide

Electronic Submittal Instructions

Owner Authorization to Obtain a Commercial Building Permit

Asbestos Awareness Form

Construction Waste Management plan

If the approved function, use, or occupancy of a space is changing, the new function will need to be re-approved, as each function/use comes with a unique set of code requirements. Change of Occupancy

Building Permit Application

New Commercial and Additions

New Commercial Buildings can be strictly commercial or mixed use  such as a building that contains residential units with various commercial functions. New commercial would also include additions to existing buildings. 

New Commercial Submittal Guide

New Multi-family

Multi-family buildings consist of more than two independent dwelling units attached to each other on the same lot. Multi-family buildings fall under the International Building Code. If a multi-family structure will be built/replicated at least 3 times, please submit as a stock plan. Contact us for more information on our stock plan process 970-416-2740. 

Multifamily Submittal Guide

Poudre Fire Authority#

 A separate submittal is required through the Poudre Fire Authority website for new construction projects. Fire suppression systems being installed will also require an additional separate submission.

Poudre Fire Authority also participates with Larimer County and the City of Fort Collins for Special Events Permits. This review includes, but is not limited to the use of propane, emergency access into and out of buildings, street closures, and occupant loads. 

Poudre Fire Authority