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A-Z Recycling List

What do you want to recycle? Keywords
6-Pack Holder Six-pack rings 
Air Conditioner Swamp cooler, AC, Cooler, Freon 
Aluminum Can Tin Can, Soda Can, Beer can, pop can 
Aluminum Foil Tin Foil 
Aluminum Pie Pan / Baking Tray Pie Tin 
Aluminum Take-Out Container Pan 
Ammunition & Explosives Bullet, Shotgun shell, Firework, Grenade, Bomb 
Antifreeze Coolant, Dexcool, Ethylene Glycol, G12 
Antifreeze Bottle Coolant containers, 
Art Supplies Art, Craft, Craft Supplies, Fabric, Notation, Artist supplies, Scrapbook, Glass, Gift wrap, Party Supplies, Frame, ribbon, bow, crayon, pencil, marker, glue, balloons, 
Artificial Christmas Tree Fake Christmas Tree, Holiday Tree, Xmas Tree 
Asphalt Pavement 
Auto Part (Car Part) Car part, engine 
Auto/Truck Tire Car tire, rubber tire, studded snow tires, Rubber Tire, Wheel, Tire 
Automobile (Car or Truck) Car, Truck, Motor Vehicle, Vehicle, Auto, suv, motorcycle, scooter 
Automotive Battery Car battery, Automotive battery, engine battery, lead acid battery 
Automotive Fluids (other than motor oil & antifreeze) Radiator Fluid, Transmission Fluid, Power Steering Fluid, Brake Fluid, Air Conditioning Coolant, Washer Fluid, Gear Oil, Gasoline, Diesel, ATF,Ê 
Baking Glassware Glass Bakeware, Glass Bowl, Pyrex 
Baling Twine Twine, Baler twine, Binder twine, Hay bale twine, Hay Baler Twine, Poly twine, Bale twine 
Battery, Alkaline Household, 
Battery, Button  
Battery, Lithium-Ion  
Battery, Other Alkaline 
Battery, Rechargeable NiCad, Rechargeable, Button, Lithium-Ion 
BBQ Grill, Charcoal Grill, kettle grill, bar-b-que, barbecue 
BBQ Grill, Gas Grill, bar-b-que, barbecue 
Bicycle Bike, Bike frame, Bicycle frame, Trike, Tricycle, Unicycle, Bike parts, Bike chain 
Bicycle Tire Bike Tire 
Bicycle Tube Innertube 
Binder 3-ring, Notebook, trapperkeeper 
Blister Packs / Packaging toy packaging 
Blueprint Plans, Plan set 
Brick and Pavers paving stone, brick, flagstone, fieldstone, rock 
Bubble Wrap / Air Pillows Packing materials, Padding 
Bulky Rigid Plastics Bucket, 5 gallon, Slide, Lawn Chair, Basket, Milk Bottle Crate, childrens, outdoor toys, tidy cat bucket, kitty litter, plastic pool, Litter Box, Plastic Toolbox, Fishing Tackle Box 
Camera or Camcorder Video camera, Digital camera 
Campaign Sign Election, Yard Sign, Political Sign, Government 
Candy or Food Wrapper Chip Bag, Mylar, granola bar, Candy Wrapper 
Car Seat Children's Car Seat, Infant Seat 
Cardboard corrugated cardboard, boxes, Moving Box 
Carpet and Rugs Throw Rug, Area Rug 
Carpet Padding Under Layer, Underpadding 
Carpet Roll Tube Thick cardboard roll 
Carton Milk Carton, Juice Carton, Soup Carton, Tofu Carton, Juice Box, Wine Carton, Non-Dairy Milk, Aseptic, Soy Milk Carton, Almond Milk Carton, Tetrapak, Stock Carton 
CD/DVD Player VHS Player, Blu-ray, VHS, DVD 
CDs & DVDs Disc, DVD, VHS, VHS, Tape, Movie, Cassette Tape, Video Tape, Reel to Reel Tape 
CDs and DVDs (Not Commercially Produced) and Jewel Cases Homemade CD, Homemade DVD, Disc, Homemade Disc 
Cell Phone Tablet, IPhone, Android, Smart phone, Flip phone, cellular phone, mobile phone, Blackberry 
Ceramic Dish Stoneware, Ironware, Porcelain, Corelle 
Cereal Liner Bag Wax Bag, Cereal Bag 
Chip Bag snack bag, chip wrapper, mylar, snack packaging 
Chip Can Pringles, Pringles Can, Chip Container 
Christmas Lights Holiday Lights, Fairy Lights 
Clear Plastic Berry and Salad Container Plastic Clam Shell, Takeout Box, To Go Box, Fruit Container 
Clothing and Fabric Bedding, Textiles, Clothes, Fabric, Dress, Skirt, Skort, Coat, Shirt, Old Clothes, Socks, Sweater, Pants, Shorts, Blouse, Jacket, Towel, Sheet, Pillowcase, Sneakers, Shoes, Boots, Gloves, Leggings, Vest, Scraps, Bolts 
Coffee Grounds Grinds 
Compostable Servingware/Dishware Ecoware, Ecoproducts, To-Go Box, take-out 
Computer Accessory Keyboard, Mouse, Speaker, Peripherals, Cords, Hard Drive, Flash Drive 
Computer Monitor Flat screen, CRT monitor, Computer Display 
Computer Tower CPU, Desktop Computer 
Concrete Cement 
Construction Paper Colored Paper, Craft Paper 
Contacts Lenses and Blister Packs  
Cooking Oil and Grease Vegetable Oil, Deep Fryer Oil 
Copiers Photo copier, Copier 
Corrugated Plastic Election Sign Political Signs, Yard Signs, Election Signs, Chloroplast, coroplast 
Dishwasher Machine, Dishes, Whirlpool, Samsung, 
Disposable Face Mask  
Disposable Gloves Latex Glove, Plastic Glove, Vinyl glove, nitrile glove 
Dry Cleaning Bags & Coat Hangers  
DVD Players VHS Player, Blu-ray, VHS, DVD 
Electronics Sprinkler Controllers, Programmable Sprinkler Control, VCR, Radio, Laptop, Blender, Printer, Scanner, Copier, Audio equipment, Stereo equipment, Speaker, Mixer, Stereo, Computer, Cell Phone 
Empty Aerosol Can hair spray, spray paint, spray can 
Envelopes with Bubble Wrap Inside Paper envelope, Amazon, Mailer, Mailing Envelopes, Padded Envelope 
Extension Cord Wire, Cable 
Eyeglasses Spectacles, glasses, lens, lenses, frame 
Fill Dirt Soil, Dirt, Pit Run 
Fire Extinguisher  
Flammable Liquid Gasoline, White Gas, Camping Gas, Propane, Kerosene, Alcohol 
Foam Foam mattress topper, Foam Chair Seat, Memory Foam, EPS, 
Foam Packing Peanuts Styrofoam Packing Peanuts, Starch Packing Peanuts 
Foil Coffee Bags Mylar, Starbucks Bags, Foil Bags 
Food Grade Styrofoam Styrofoam Egg Cartons, Ramen Cups, Styrofoam Cups, Styrofoam Plates, To-Go Boxes 
Food Waste Food scrap, Vegetable, Vegetable scrap, Halloween pumpkin, Kitchen trimming, Food, Table scrap 
Frozen Food Box TV Dinners, Butter Box, Cream Cheese Box, Frozen Vegetables, Frozen Dinner 
Furnace Filter  
Furniture Chair, Sofa, Couch, Lazy chair, Armchair, Bed, Table, Dresser, Shelf, Shelves, Bookcase, Beds, End Tables, Dining Room Table, Dining Chair, Footstool, Chest of Drawers, Ottoman, Recliner 
Games and Toys Game, Toy, Board Game, Sandbox, Playground, Slide, Bucket 
Garden Hose  
Gasoline Gas, Petrol, Fuel 
Glass Bottle or Jar Mason Jar, Flip-top Bale Jar, Swing Top Bale Jar, Storage Jar 
Glue Epoxy, Superglue, Wood Glue, Elmers Glue 
Hard Cover Book Textbook, Hard Back, Encyclopedia, Dictionary 
Hearing Aid Hearing Assistance Device 
Helium Tank Air Tank 
Herbicide Bug Spray, Weed Killer, Roundup 
House Insulation Vapor Barrier, Foam Insulation, Housewrap 
Household Cleaners Cleanser, ammonia, simple green, scrubbing powder, silver polish, jewelry cleaner, toilet cleaner, ajax, windex, pledge 
Household Item Houseware, Toys and Games, Lawn Furniture, Dish Drainer, Deep Fryer, Foam Cushion, Kitchenware, Toy, Game, Board game, boardgame 
Household Reusables - Thrift Stores Offering Pick-up Donated, Useable, Reusable, Secondhand 
Housewares and Furniture Household Item, Office furniture 
Junk Mail  
Kitty Litter Bucket  
Label or Sticker Label backing, labels, sticker, decal, address label 
Large Appliance Dryer, Dishwasher, Oven, Furnace, Washing Machine, Stove, Washer, Oven, 
Lawnmower Snow Blower, Lawn Mower 
Light Blub - LED Light Emitting Diode, 
Light Bulb - CFL Compact Fluorescent 
Light Bulb - Fluorescent Tube Tube Lights, 
Light Bulb - Halogen Outdoor Lights, 
Light Bulb - Incandescent Filament, 
Light Bulb Ballast Fluorescent light fixture ballast 
Lighter Bic, Zippo 
Live Christmas Tree Xmas tree, Holiday tree, Christmas Tree 
Magazine Catalog, Junk Mail, Subscription 
Manure Poop, Dung 
Mattress Box Spring, foam mattress cover, daybed mattress 
Medical Equipment and Supplies Walker, Wheelchair, Crutches, X-Ray, Syringes, Sharps, Bandages, Medicine, Exam gloves, Blood pressure monitors, Centrifuges, Collars, Harnesses, Leashes, Equipment trays, Gauze, Hypodermic needles, Dental instruments, Exam instruments, Surgical instruments, Catheters, Microscopes, Muzzles, Otoscopes, Pee pads, Pulse oximeters, Scale, Stethoscope, Surgical, Suture, Syringe, Ultrasound, Vet wrap, X-ray 
Mercury Thermometer Mercury Thermostat 
Metal Barrel or Drum Oil Drum, Poly Drum, Drum, Barrel, 55 gallon drum 
Metal Bottle Cap or Lid bottle cap, beer bottle, metal cap, soda cap, metal bottle cap 
Metal Coat Hanger  
Metal Trash Can Garbage Can 
Microwave Microwave Oven 
Microwave Popcorn Bag  
Mixed Paper Catalogs, Brochures, Glossy Paper, Junk Mail, Newspaper, Magazine, Office Paper, Copier Paper, Copy Paper, Envelopes, Loose Leaf Paper, Magazines, Printer Paper, wrapping paper, greeting cards 
Motor Oil  
Newspaper Newsprint, Junk mail, Newspaper ads 
Office and School Supplies Office supplies, School supplies, Book, Binder, Ruler, Scissors, Stapler, Tape, Tape dispenser, Notebook, File, File folder, Folder, Pen, Pencil, Eraser 
Office Paper Printer paper, copy paper, Copier paper 
Oven Oven, Range, Cooker, Range, Roaster, Toaster Oven, Convection Oven 
Packaging Styrofoam or Polystyrene Foam Foam, Packaging 
Paint - Latex Latex, Latex Paint, Acrylic Paint, Interior Paint, Exterior Paint, Water-based paint 
Paint - Oil Based and Lacquers Epoxy base, Epoxy base paint, Oil based paint, Oil paint, Stain, Varnish, Lacquer, Shellac, Shellac paint 
Paper Bag lunch bag, paper grocery bag, paper shopping bag, brown paper bag, brow paper sack, sack, paper sack 
Paper Cup Coffee Cups, to go cup, party cup, hot cup 
Paper Egg Carton Cardboard Egg, Carton, 
Paper Envelope Windowed envelopes, Junk mail 
Paper Napkin  
Paper Towel  
Paper Towel or Toilet Paper Tube Roll, Bathroom Tissue Tube 
Paperback Book Soft-covered book, Phone book, soft-bound 
Paperboard Cereal Box, Tissue Box, Soda Box, Paper Box, Gift Box, Shirt Box, Shoe Box, Greeting Card 
Paperboard Election Sign Election, Campaign, Candidate, political 
Party Try/Plastic Tray Catering Tray, Deli Tray, Take-out Tray, Serving Tray, Platter 
Personal Care Appliances Hair Dryer, Hair Curler, Curling Iron, Hair Straightener, Shaver, Electric Toothbrush, Hot Iron, 
Pesticide Raid, ant poison, rat poison, Mosquito spray, Bug spray 
Pet Food Bag Dog food, Cat food, Animal, 
Pet Waste poop, cat, dog, Cat litter, 
Photo Chemical  
Photograph or Film Film Canisters, Film, Roll of Film, Photo, Picture 
Pillow Throw pillow, decorative pillow, cushion 
Pizza Box  
Plant Containers Pot, Plant Pot, Planter Pot 
Plastic Barrel or Drum Oil Drum, Poly Drum, Drum, Barrel 
Plastic Bucket 5-Gallon Bucket 
Plastic Caps & Lids Tops, 
Plastic CD & DVD Cases jewel case 
Plastic Coat Hanger Clothes 
Plastic Container Plastic Tub, Plastic Container, Plastic Bottle, Plastic Food Container, 
Plastic Cup Party cup, to go cup, Solo Cup, Keg Cup, Iced Coffee Cup 
Plastic Film Election Sign Campaign Sign, election sign, voter sign, political, candidate 
Plastic Flower Pots Plastic Planters, Plastic Pots, plant 
Plastic Grocery Bags and Plastic Film Newspaper Bags, Trash Bag, Ziploc Bags, Plastic Bag, Sandwich bag, Plastic wrap, Grocery Bags, Pallet Wrap, Toilet paper wrapping, shrink wrap, saran wrap, cling wrap, produce bags, plastic baggies 
Plastic Halloween Pumpkin  
Plastic Jug Kitty Litter Jug, Milk Jug, Laundry Detergent, Shampoo Bottle, Conditioner Bottle 
Plastic Lawn Furniture Lawn Chair, Plastic Picnic Table 
Plastic Pallet  
Plastic Peanut Butter Jar  
Plastic Pet Carrier  
Plastic Play Structure Swing set, Slide, House 
Plastic Take-Out Container to-go container, deli container 
Plastic Toy  
Plastic Tub Yogurt Container, Cottage Cheese Carton, 
Plastic Tube Toothpaste Tube, handcream tube, makeup tube 
Porcelain (Sinks, Toilets) Bidet 
Pot or Pan Metal Cookware, Frying Pan, 
Prescription Drug Pill, Medicine, Drug, Prescription, Prescription drug, Prescribed medicine, Antibiotics, Meds, Drugs 
Printer Cartridge Ink, Toner, Copier Cartridge 
Propane Canister Tank, Camp fuel, Camping fuel, propane can 
PVC Pipe White pipe, plumbing pipe 
Receipt Paper Receipts, Thermal Paper, POS paper 
Reflective Bubble Wrap Meal Kit Bubble Wrap, Reflective Bubble Wrap, Metallic Bubble Wrap, Silver Bubble Wrap, Metal Bubble Wrap 
Reflective Bubble Wrap and Foil Bubble Mailers Meal Kit Bubble Wrap, Reflective Bubble Wrap, Metallic Bubble Wrap, Silver Bubble Wrap, Metal Bubble Wrap, Reflective Plastic Film, Thermal, Foil Bubble Mailers, Bubble Mailers 
Refrigerator Fridge, Refrigerator, Air conditioner, Freezer, Wine Cooler, Mini Fridge, Freon 
Renew Liner Thermal shipping, styrofoam, packing materials, shipping materials 
Reusable Building Supplies Door, Sink, Fixture, Wood, Countertop, Doorknob, windows, shower doors, kitchen & bathroom cabinets, lights, knobs, hinges 
Ribbons and Bows String 
Rigid Cardboard Tubes and Corners Cardboard, Shipping Cardboard, Furniture, Concrete Tube, Industrial Cardboard Corner, Shipping Corner, Pallet Protector, Corner Protection 
Rock and Gravel Landscaping, River Rock, stone 
Rubbermaid Storage Bin  
Satellite dish  
Scrap Metal Baby Monitor, Chain, Chicken Wire, Engine Block, Rototiller, Screws, Nail, Grill, Metal Hanger, Insulated Wire, Metal Barrel, Extension Cords, Iron, Lead, Copper, Brass, Stainless steel, Cast iron, Metal fencing, Aluminum, Tin, Wheel barrow, 
Seed Tray Filler flats, cell pack, plant tray, seedling tray, seed flat, plastic plant tray 
Shingles, Asphalt Shake 
Shingles, Wood Shake 
Shoes Sneakers, heels, boots, dress shoes, Sandals 
Shredded Paper  
Single-Serve Coffee Pods K Cup, Coffee Pod, Coffee Container, Capsule, Disk, Disc, K-Cup, Keurig 
Single-Use Servingware Paper Bowls, Paper Cups, Paper Plates, Paper Napkins, Straws, Paper To-Go Cups, Plastic bowl, plastic plate, plastic cup, plastic utensil, plastic fork, Paper take-out container, restaurant to go containers 
Small Kitchen Appliance Blender, Coffee Maker, Toaster, Food Processor, Mixer, Hand Mixer, Kettle, Waffle Iron, Electric Griddle, Tea Pot, Coffee Pot 
Smoke Detector or Carbon Monoxide Detector CO2 Detector, Fire Alarm, 
Sod Grass, Soil 
Solar Panels  
Spiral Notebook Bound notebook, imprinted book, journal 
Sporting Goods Exercise equipment, baseball, football, soccer, hockey, Balls, Weights 
Spray Paint Aerosol Paint, 
Stereo / Sound Equipment speaker, mixer, boombox, music, amp 
Stove Cooktop, Range, Cooker, Oven, Burner, Boiler, 
Stroller Umbrella strollers, convertible strollers with car seats 
Styrofoam Cooler or Meal Kit Cooler Picnic cooler, food shipment cooler, meal kit, medicine, medical packaging, meal shipment, Blue Apron, Every Plate, Hello Fresh 
Syringe / "sharps" Needle, Biohazard, Medical Waste, insulin needles or stents 
Take Out Food Container  
Telephone Cell phone, wall phone, princess phone, office phone 
Telephone Book Phone book, 
Television TV, projection tv, console tv, tv in wood furniture, flat screen, monitor, plasma tv 
Tile Floor tile, bathroom tile, Ceramic Tile 
Tin Can Metal Can, Steel Can 
Tires Rubber, Rubber tire 
Tissue Wrapping Paper  
Toiletries Shampoo, toothpaste, soap, toothbrush, razor, hair gel, makeup, Personal care items, Conditioner 
Tools Power Tool, Hand Tool, Hammer, Saw, Sander, Drill, Battery charger, 
Tupperware Food Storage Container Food bin, Glad 
Tyvek Envelope Mailer 
Vacuum Cleaner Hoover, Roomba, Carpet cleaner, Sweeper, Carpet sweeper 
Veterinary/Medical Supplies Exam gloves, Blood pressure monitors, Centrifuges, Collars, Harnesses, Leashes, Equipment trays, Gauze, Hypodermic needles, Dental instruments, Exam instruments, Surgical instruments, Catheters, Microscopes, Muzzles, Otoscopes, Pee pads, Pulse oximeters, Scale, Stethoscope, Surgical, Suture, Syringe, Ultrasound, Vet wrap, X-ray 
Video Game System  
Videotape or Cassette Tape VHS tape, Audio cassette tape, Cassette tape, Books on tape, Reel to reel 
Vinyl Fencing synthetic fence, picket fence, privacy fence 
Vinyl Fencing  
Vinyl Fencing  
Vinyl Fencing  
Vitamin or Prescription Bottle Medicine bottles, pill bottles 
Water Bottles  
Water Filter Charcoal filter 
Water Heater Hot Water Heater 
Waxed Cardboard Fruit Boxes 
Wheel Hub cap, Tire Rim 
White Office Paper White paper, printer paper, office paper, legal paper 
Window Glass Window Pane 
Wine Cork  
Wire Chicken Wire, Hardware Cloth 
Wood Pallet  
Wood Waste lumber, log, mulch, bark, branches limbs tree trees woody stick, tree branch, scrap lumber, scrap wood, crate, saw dust 
Wood, Treated or Painted Plywood, OSB, glue lam, pressed board, pressure treated lumber 
Wood, Untreated 2 x 4, stud, pallet, dimensional lumber, Off cuts 
Woven Plastic Feed Bag Feed Bag, Chicken Feed Bag, Pet food bag, Grain bag 
Wrapping Paper Gift Wrap 
Yard Trimmings and Leaves Yard Waste, Branch, Branches, Tree Limbs, Grass clipping, Logs, Debris, Mulch, Bark, Hay, Weed, Straw, Grass, Garden waste, Green waste, Branch, Twig, Tree, Tree Branch, Leaves, Yard waste, Yard waste, Sod, Soil, Flower, Plant 
Yoga Mat