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Crushing Operations#

Crushing Operations

Besides reusing this material for roads and alleys, we sell it to the public.

Please call ahead for availability of materials. 

Physical Address: 1380 Hoffman Mill Road
Phone: 970-482-1249
April to October Hours: Monday - Friday 7am - 5pm (last load 4:45pm)
November to March Hours, weather permitting: Monday - Friday 7am - 4pm (last load 3:45pm)

Uses for recycled aggregate materials#

By recycling materials from road and other projects, the City saves money by not incuring landfill fees where the material would go otherwise. Reusing material is also beneficial to the environment in reducing landfill accumulation and can extend the life of other aggregrates and raw material sources. Recycled material is a great resource in alley and road maintenance for City projects as well as for private sector projects. This program provides recycled materials for sale to the public, which can be used for a variety of projects like:

  • road resurfacing
  • driveway resurfacing
  • parking lot resurfacing
  • material use for under buildings
  • build-up ground for special products

2023 Crushing Operations Brochure#

Crushing Operations Brochure

*prices effective 1/1/2024

Recycle Your Toilet And Get Up To A $50 Rebate#

We now accept toilets. Please remove the seat cover and any metal or plastic parts. When you purchase a new toilet, be sure to recycle your old one. Fort Collins Utilities offers residential water customers up to a $50 rebate for the purchase of high-efficiency toilets. Visit for more information.

Products - Now Selling#

Below is a list of products we offer. All products are subject to availability. Prices do not include sales tax.  Prices effective 1/1/2024.

Products Price per Ton
RRB - 1 1/4 recycled asphalt $12.00
CCB - 1 1/4 crushed concrete $12.50
Screened Fill Dirt $3.25
Unscreened Fill Dirt $1.75
Screened Rock $1.50
Weigh Checks $5.00/ticket

Accepting Disposable Materials#

The program also accepts materials that meet the following specifications. Please consider diverting any of these materials from the landfill and bring them to us. We reserve the right to decline loads. If you dump an unacceptable load, you will be charged a dump fee. We cannot take any type of material from building demolition projects. We will accept:

  • Pit run (clean dirt & rock mixture)*
  • Asphalt (clean, broken or milled asphalt)
  • Concrete (no rebar, or other contaminants)*
  • Dirt and Soil

Which Product Is Right For Me?#

Recycled asphalt has good compaction, it remains inert and it is virtually dust free. Crushed concrete compacts faster than any other product. It is also lighter in weight, non-expansive and it has a moisture content of about 13%. The result is that it will absorb twice the amount of water before becoming saturated.