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Summer Staffing and Levels of Service#

While we're well into the summer season, the City of Fort Collins Recreation Department is working diligently to provide world-class service to the community. Unfortunately, here in Fort Collins, and across the country, parks and recreation departments are struggling to hire staff to keep facilities and programs running at normal levels.

How is recreation responding?
To address the ongoing staffing challenges in the department, while actively recruiting for summer programs, Recreation staff have used a variety of tools to attract and hire qualified staff members. Some of the examples of tactics being employed across the department include:

  • Working closely with the City’s recruitment specialist
  • Advertising positions in a variety of local publications, websites and social media channels
  • Visiting local university and college campuses for direct promotions and
    recruitment of summer positions
  • Contacting professional colleagues and workforce resources to promote job
  • Hosting job fairs
  • Implementing wage increases, hiring and retention bonuses, paid training and
    other types of incentives to attract staff

Looking ahead
As all Recreation programs/facilities require staff to keep open, the Recreation Department has developed staffing plans and levels of service impacts should staff shortages occur throughout the summer.

For example, if the staffing level is at “green”, that area will function at full capacity. However, if the staffing level is “red”, there may be program cancellations or facility closures activated until the staffing issue is resolved.

Service Level Adjustments Doc (PDF)

Level of Service Adjustments by Area#


During summer months, Recreation relies on seasonal lifeguards to safely staff pools across all aquatic facilities. As the availability of summer lifeguard staff has declined, Recreation has developed appropriate response plans to keep as many pools open as possible while maintaining the safety of patrons at all times.

Outlined below are the required staffing levels needed to keep facilities open, and the adjusted levels of service that may occur if staff is not available to adequately maintain coverage.

These are estimates, with the intention to attain the highest levels of service whenever possible.

Lifeguards Required to Staff all Recreation Pools (June-August): 70 guards minimum


During summer months, Recreation staff provide a variety of youth programs and childcare options for the community. Staffing levels must be maintained to meet licensing requirements, as well as ensure the safe administration of programming throughout the summer months.


Facility attendants and clerical aides are critical to keeping facilities clean, safe, accessible and ready for use by user groups, renters, and daily guests. Outlined below are levels of service based on available staffing.