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Fitness & Wellness

The Fitness program has been designed to meet the needs of our diverse population in Fort Collins. There are classes for beginners and those that are starting over and classes for the physically fit that want to try something new. Classes include: karate, tai chi, aerobics, spinning, strength training, balance classes, and more. There are even classes specifically for seniors that need a little more guidance or adaptation. We also cater to teens and youth with many classes that adapt to what interests them.

Upcoming Programs

To register for the programs below, visit our online database and search for the class to register. You can also call 970-221-6655 to register over the phone. Additional Fitness & Wellness programs can be found in the Recreator.

Pick up a copy of the Recreator at any Recreation Facility or view the online version

Fitness Programs

Power Yoga

Date: Mondays & Wednesdays l  1:15-2:15 p.m.
Location: Foothills Activity Center
Age: 16 years & up

A dynamic and upbeat yoga practice with an emphasis on fitness to tone the entire body. Power yoga focuses on strength, stamina, and whole-body wellbeing.

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Spin & Tone

Date: Monday & Wednesday, 5:30-6:30 p.m. or Tuesday & Thursday, 6:15-7:15 a.m.
Location: Northside Aztlan Community Center
Age: 16 years & up

Includes the same workout challenge that other group spin classes offer, but with an additional toning segment either throughout the class or at the end. Great for cardiovascular training and total body strengthening.

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Swiss Theraball

Date: Thursdays  l  2:30-3:30 p.m.
Location: Fort Collins Senior Center
Age: 50 years & up

Enjoy gentle, effective, low-impact exercise on a Theraball. Improve balance, endurance, flexibility, and strength with this relaxing routine. Theraballs provided.

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Wellness Programs

21-day Sugar Detox

Date: Variety of dates and times available
Location: Fort Collins Senior Center
Age: 18 years & up

Learn to tame the sugar monster and squash cravings. Sugar is highly addictive and eating foods high in sugar and refined carbs can damage health, causing fatigue, weight gain, mood swings, aches, pains, and inflammation. By a Holistic Nutritionist.

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Personal Training

General Information

Are you looking for one-on-one guidance from an expert to help you achieve your fitness goals? Our personal trainers are available to assist at Edora Pool Ice Center, Foothills Activity Center, Northside Aztlan Community Center, and the Senior Center. Personal training is available for ages 13 years and older.

Personal Trainer Interest Form

Fees & Rates
Package Name Sessions Cost
30 Minute Packages    
PT Single 1 $25
PT Bronze 4 $95
PT Silver 8 $180
PT Gold 12 $255
PT Platinum 24 $480
60 Minute Packages    
PT Single 1 $35
PT Bronze 4 $135
PT Silver 8 $260
PT Gold 12 $375
PT Platinum 24 $720
Group Packages    
PT 2-Person 1 $50
PT 3-Person 1 $67.50
PT 4-Person 1 $80


Personal Trainers