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Fitness & Wellness#

The Fitness program has been designed to meet the needs of our diverse population in Fort Collins. There are classes for beginners and those that are starting over and classes for the physically fit that want to try something new. Classes include: karate, tai chi, aerobics, spinning, strength training, balance classes, and more. There are even classes specifically for seniors that need a little more guidance or adaptation. We also cater to teens and youth with many classes that adapt to what interests them.

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Heath & Wellness programs are designed to give you the tools to enhance you physical, mental and emotional well-being. Classes range from learning nutrition essentials, effective communication, and mindfulness. 

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Personal Training#

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Are you looking for one-on-one guidance from an expert to help you achieve your fitness goals? Our personal trainers are available to assist at Edora Pool Ice Center, Foothills Activity Center, Northside Aztlan Community Center, and the Senior Center. Personal training is available for ages 13 years and older.

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Package Name Sessions Cost
30 Minute Packages    
PT Single 1 $30
PT Bronze 4 $115
PT Silver 8 $220
PT Gold 12 $300
PT Platinum 24 $540
60 Minute Packages    
PT Single 1 $40
PT Bronze 4 $150
PT Silver 8 $290
PT Gold 12 $420
PT Platinum 24 $780
Group Packages    
PT 2-Person 1 $60
PT 3-Person 1 $75
PT 4-Person 1 $80


Personal Trainers#

Carol Montgomery

“I have been working in fitness since 2005 and am a lifelong fitness enthusiast. I enjoy participating in 5Ks, mud runs, and bike tours with my family as well as traveling to visit new places both near and far.”

Certifications: ACE Personal Trainer; ACE Group Fitness Instructor; ACE Health Coach; ACE Senior Fitness Specialist; B.S. Public Health Education
Specialization: Strength training for all ages, weight management, special guidance for those uncomfortable in a fitness environment.

Carol trains at all facilities. Request a training session with Carol.

Erin Toth

"I love to run and swim!" 

Certifications: ACE Certified Personal Trainer
Specialization: Youth, sedentary adults, beginner's weights and beginner's cardio

Erin trains at all facilities. Request a training session with Erin. 

Sarah Hendricks

"I'm an avid soccer fan and player." 

Certifications: ACE - Certified Personal Trainer, ACE - Certified Medical Exercise Specialist, Trigger Point Myofascial Release Certified
Specialization: Post-rehabilitation, medically complex, and older adult fitness

Sarah trains at all facilities. Request a training session with Sarah. 

Mandi Dorris

"I think fitness should always be fun. I also enjoy hiking, cycling, cooking, history and binge-watching documentaries."

NASM Certified Personal Trainer, NASM Corrective Exercise Specialist, NASM Senior Fitness Specialist, SilverSneakers Group Fitness Instructor
Specialization: Functional and Corrective Training, Strength and Endurance, Senior Fitness, Weight Loss Management

Mandi trains at all facilities. Request a training session with Mandi.