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The Farm Closed Sunday, 1/29

Due to anticipated low temperatures over the weekend, The Farm at Lee Martinez Park will be closed on Sunday, January 29.


The Fitness program has been designed to meet the needs of our diverse population in Fort Collins. There are classes for beginners and those that are starting over and classes for the physically fit that want to try something new. Classes include: yoga, tai chi, aerobics, spinning, strength training, balance classes, and more. There are even classes specifically for seniors that need a little more guidance or adaptation. Cardio and weight rooms are available at Foothills Activity Center, Northside Aztlan Community Center, and Fort Collins Senior Center

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Fitness Programs#

Fitness Class Descriptions

Barre Gold
A low-impact training mix of ballet, yoga, and pilates. Increase your strength, balance, and flexibility, all while being gentle on the joints. A combination of body weight, light hand weights, and floor mat exercises. No dance experience is necessary.

Boomer Blast  
A full body workout that includes, strength, flexibility, balance, and reaction time with low-impact cardio.  

Cardio Fit
An interval training class designed to increase endurance, strength, and balance while using only body weight movements.

Chair Pilates  
Learn Pilates fundamentals, with the support of a chair, to activate abdominals and increase flexibility and body awareness.  

Chair Yoga
Safe and gentle exercises will tone and strengthen muscles, loosen joints, lower stress, relieve tension and help you relax. No experience necessary

Core Performance 
Develop a well-conditioned core with stability, strength, power, and isometric exercises in order to improve postural control and performance.  

An intense workout that aims to maximize strength and agility with use of kettlebells, plyo-boxes, and ropes to work every muscle in the body. Every workout is different; keep the body guessing and force it to stay at its peak.  

A dynamic full-body stretch workout that delivers the perfect balance of strength and flexibility for a resilient, agile body.

Focus on Balance  
Work on exercises, tips, & techniques to enhance equilibrium, posture, strength, and coordination that improve stability.  

Functional Strength  
Train for an active lifestyle. Integrate strength, flexibility, balance, and agility with a personal trainer in a group setting.   

Hatha Flow Yoga  
A beginner-intermediate hatha flow. Includes Sun Salutations, balance, hips, twists, hamstrings, and relaxation.   

Join a supportive setting for regular meditation practice. Learn and experience the benefits of various techniques, that can be adapted to individual challenges and needs. Time available for questions, discussion, and sharing.

Men – Loosen Up!
An all men’s stretching series will integrate moves to improve flexibility and range of motion. Gain more energy, decrease potential risk for injury and maybe even help your golf game.

Mindfulness Yoga
Integrate the practice of mindfulness with yoga poses. All levels welcome. Based on the book, Mindfulness Yoga, by Frank Jude Boccio.

Oula, Intro
A breakdown of the moves, the music, and the mindfulness behind the magic of Oula, a high-intensity cardio dance experience focusing on how you feel rather than how you look. Come as you are and find community connection through movement.

A high-intensity cardio dance with easy-to-follow choreography, mindfulness practices, and a culture of inclusivity — all to an energetic pop soundtrack. Every class empowers participants to challenge their bodies and process their emotions through music, movement, and, most importantly, a community connection.

Oula One
A heart-based, musically inspired yoga dance fusion class done barefoot on the mat, with no jumping or impact. Through music, movement, and breath you will feel the stress and stuck emotion leave your body.

Pilates Fusion  
A mix of exercises combining mat Pilates, core conditioning, and body weight training to improve strength, flexibility, and balance. Modifications are given to tailor the exercises to your own fitness level.   

Pilates Mat, Beginner & Intermediate  
Get energized and reduce tension with exercises that increase strength and flexibility while improving balance and mind/body awareness. In the Friday class, more emphasis is on Pilates fundamentals and basic exercises for beginners.   

Restorative Yoga 
A pleasant way to relax and create balance in life. Use bolsters, blocks, and blankets to experience the benefits of a passive practice. Allows release of effort that encourages calmness, tranquility, and connecting with self-healing. 

Slow Flow Hatha Yoga  
Nurturing, fun, and non-competitive. Improve balance, strength, and flexibility. Poses are linked together slowly with attention to breath. Philosophy and stress management techniques are touched on. Designed for beginner and intermediate levels.   

Spin & Tone 
Includes the same workout challenge that other group spin classes offer, but with an additional toning segment either throughout the class or at the end. Great for cardiovascular training and total body strengthening.  

Swiss Theraball 
Enjoy gentle, effective, low-impact exercise on a Theraball. Improve balance, endurance, flexibility, and strength with this relaxing routine. Theraballs provided.  

T’ai Chi Chih  
A moving meditation that circulates and balances the internal energy of the body also known as Chi. Gain better balance, improved health and well-being, increased flexibility and strength, inner peace, and joy. The movements can be done by anyone regardless of age or physical condition.  

  • Beginner I - An introduction to the first half of the movements  
  • Beginner II - An introduction to the second half of the movements (Must Complete Beginner I)  
  • Intermediate – Deepening into the movements with a guided practice (Must complete Beginner I & II) 
  • Advanced – Deepening into the movements with a silent full practice (Must complete Beginner I & II)  

Tai Chi & Qigong  
Introduction to the art of Tai Chi Chuan with health cultivation exercises that make up the basis of the long Yang style form. 

TRX Body Blast  
TRX is a suspension fitness system that helps build balance, muscle strength, and flexibility. Adjust the straps to increase or decrease the difficulty of every exercise. All levels welcome.  

Vinyasa Flow Yoga  
A fun and fast-paced flow which links breath with movement. Learn the fundamental postures and principles to create a strong yoga practice and build core strength to support more advanced poses.  

Brought from India as therapy for body and mind, it addresses the entire person. The tools of gentle movement and breath are modified to meet the individual’s needs and capacities of each person. Viniyoga supports Health, can promote healing, and transformation.

Yoga & Meditation  
Learn to quiet the mind and find inner balance. Begin with meditation and move into a gentle flow of yoga asanas. This is a calm approach to being present, rejuvenated, and healthier.  

Yoga, Beginner  
Practice yoga breath work and physical exercises to gain strength, tone, flexibility, and stamina. Also experience a sense of inner calm.   

Yoga, Advanced Beginner  
Previous yoga experience expected, with modifications offered for varying levels. Release stress and improve balance, flexibility, and strength with some difficult poses. Mindfulness and breath techniques offered.  

Zumba fuses hypnotic Latin rhythms and easy to follow movements to create a dynamic fitness program. Routines feature interval training sessions where fast and slow rhythms are combined to tone and sculpt while burning fat.   

Zumba Gold  
A modified Zumba class that recreates the same dance moves at a lower intensity. Focus on balance, range of motion, coordination, and having fun. No dance experience necessary.  

Circuit SilverSneakers  
Move through a series of exercises in a circuit format to improve cardiovascular endurance as well as muscular strength and endurance.  

Classic SilverSneakers  
Move to the music through a variety of exercises designed to increase muscular strength, range of motion, and activity for daily living skills. Hand-held weights, elastic tubing with handles, and a small ball are offered for resistance. A chair is used for seated or standing support.  

Yoga SilverSneakers  
Focus on poses and postures to improve joint range of movement, muscular strength, endurance, and balance. Static and dynamic movements are presented with a chair for seated and standing support.  

Personal Training#

General Information

Are you looking for one-on-one guidance from an expert to help you achieve your fitness goals? Our personal trainers are available to assist at Foothills Activity Center, Northside Aztlan Community Center, and the Senior Center. Personal training is available for ages 13 years and older.

Personal Trainer Interest Form

Fees & Rates
Package Name Sessions Cost
30 Minute Packages    
PT Single 1 $40
PT Bronze 4 $155
PT Silver 8 $300
PT Gold 12 $420
PT Platinum 20 $650
60 Minute Packages    
PT Single 1 $55
PT Bronze 4 $215
PT Silver 8 $420
PT Gold 12 $600
PT Platinum 20 $900
Group Training Packages (2-4 people; 1 hour long sessions)    
Group Single 1 $40 per person
Group Bronze 4 $140 per person
Group Silver 8 $240 per person


Personal Trainers#

Scroll through all 10 of our trainer bios below!

Personal Trainer Policies

  • Single Sessions & Packages will expire one year from the date of purchase.
  • A cancellation notice of at least 24 hours is needed to the trainer or client may lose session.
  • No refunds are given on personal training sessions and packages.
Theresa Adams

Theresa Adams

Certifications/Education: ACE Certified Personal Trainer, NETA PT, Chek Exercise Coach, TRX Suspension Training, 500 hour yoga instructor, & SilverSneakers

Areas of Specialization: Functional Fitness, Motivation Specialist

Interests: Playing, Biking, Cooking, Gardening, Stand Up Paddleboard, Hanging out with my husband and fur babies, & Ice swimming

From: Plymouth, MN

Oliver Comings

Oliver Comings

Certifications/Education: NPTI & ACE

Areas of Specialization: Strength conditioning, Functional Training, and Flexibility

Interests: I play the Drums in a local rock band and enjoy many outdoor activities

From: Fort Collins, CO

Mandi Dorris

Mandi Dorris

Certifications/Education: NASM Certified Personal Trainer, NASM Corrective Exercise Specialist, NASM Senior Fitness Specialist, TRX Suspension Training, Pilates Instructor, SilverSneakers

Areas of Specialization: Functional and Corrective Training, Strength and Endurance, Senior Fitness, Weight Loss Management

Interests: I enjoy hiking, cycling, cooking, history and binge-watching documentaries

From: Houston, TX

Ben Duncan

Ben Duncan

Trains at Foothills Activity Center and Fort Collins Senior Center.

Certifications/Education: Bachelors in Health and Exercise Science from Colorado State University, ACSM Certified Personal Trainer, ASEP coaching certification

Areas of Specialization: Resistance training, Weight gain, Weight loss, High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), Balance/Stabilization

Interests: Cooking, Dogs, Gaming, Hiking, Ski/Snowboard, & Piano

From: Fort Collins, CO

Vickie Mims

Vickie Mims

Not accepting new clients at this time.

Certifications/Education: Bachelors in Exercise Physiology with a minor in Nutrition from Texas Tech University, ACE Certified Personal Trainer, Elementary Education degree from St. Edwards University

Areas of Specialization: Strength Training, Senior Fitness, Interval Training

Interests: Hiking, Cycling, Snow Skiing, Camping

From: Sweetwater, TX

Carol Montgomery

Carol Montgomery

Not accepting new clients at this time.

Certifications/Education: Bachelors in Public Health, ACE Certified Personal Trainer, ACE Group Fitness Instructor, & ACE Health Coach

Areas of Specialization: I enjoy working with people new to exercise or the gym environment, especially those intimidated by working out and are looking for a patient guide to a healthy lifestyle.

Interests: I enjoy concerts, art and the outdoor lifestyle of Colorado

From: New Jersey

Rheannon Nelson

Rheannon Nelson

Trains at Northside and Fort Collins Senior Center.

Certifications/Education: Bachelors in Health Promotion & Masters in Health & Human Performance from Fort Hays State University, ACE Certified Personal Trainer, TRX Suspension Training, Fitness Nutrition Specialty, and SilverSneakers Circuit

Areas of Specialization: General population and Seniors

Interests: Skiing, Camping, Running, Being a dog mom & Hanging with Family

From: Loveland, CO

Brian Nichols

Brian Nichols

Certifications/Education: Bachelors in Exercise Sports Science, ACSM certified inclusive fitness trainer

Areas of Specialization: Senior, Disable Populations

Interests: Hiking, Nutrition, Swimming, Music, Dancing

From: Orlando, FL

Karl Von Zwehl

Karl Von Zwehl

Not accepting new clients at this time.

Certifications/Education: NASM Certified Personal Trainer, Corrective Exercise Specialist Performance Enhancement Specialist, Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist

Areas of Specialization: Functional Strength, TRX, Stick Mobility, Steel Mace, Parkour

Interests: Disc Golf

From: Syracuse, NY