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  •   Dept Head: Bob Adams
  •   PO Box 580, Fort Collins, CO 80522-0580

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Frequently Asked Questions

Programs & Activities

Where can I register my child for baseball or soccer?
The Recreation department does not offer soccer or baseball leagues, however we do offer softball leagues as well as many other sports. To find a league for these baseball or soccer contact: the Fort Collins Baseball Club at 970.484.3368. and the Fort Collins Soccer Club at 970.226.4253.

Online Access & Registration

How can I get my household ID number and/or password?
If you have already registered with us for any type of class or bought a pass, you have a household ID number and password. You can retrieve this information by calling 970.221.6655 or by emailing cmVjcmVhdGlvbkBmY2dvdi5jb20=.

I was online getting ready to register for my classes and I was timed out of the system! How long to I have to complete my transaction?
It is important that when you log onto the system to register for classes that you have your schedule already planned out. You will receive a warning at 2 minutes of inactivity, your session will be timed out after five minutes. Make sure you have your activity numbers and your credit card ready before you log on to WebTrac.

Can I get my discounts (Reduced Fee, Senior Center, Gardens, etc.) through the online system?
No. To receive discounts for memberships or the reduced fee program, you must register in person at a facility and show your current reduced fee card. (Please note, if you are a member of the Gardens on Spring Creek, you must register at the Gardens to get your discount.

I tried calling to register on registration day and the system stated that I needed to call back. Is there another number to call?
In order to make registration day as equal as possible, we roll all facility phones into one phone line. We have a call center set up with at least five staff members to answer phone calls. Remember, there are four ways to register: online, in-person, via phone or via fax.

Other Questions

I would like to volunteer. Is there a form that I can fill out for that? Who do I contact?
Recreation thrives on volunteers. We welcome everyone who wants to help us out and we have many opportunities throughout the City. You can get started by clicking here and filling out the form.Someone will contact you within five business days to get you started with the process.

What are the details for the Reduced Fee Program? How do I apply?
We offer reduced rates to residents of Fort Collins on a limited income. Eligibility is in accordance with recognized income guidelines for state and federal programs.
Click here to download the Reduced Fee Application.

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