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Trail Miles 
Poudre Trail  
Lions Park in LaPorte to Taft Hill Road 1.75 miles
Taft Hill Road to Shields Street 1.10 miles
To Lincoln Middle School 0.75 miles
Shields Street to College Avenue 1.40 miles
College Avenue to Lemay Avenue 1.75 miles
Lemay Avenue and Mulberry Street 0.22 miles
Lemay Avenue to Timberline Road 1.60 miles
Timberline Road to Prospect Road 1.00 miles
Prospect Road to ELC Parking Lot 1.50 miles
At Arapaho Bend Natural Area 2.00 miles
  Total 13.07 miles
Spring Creek Trail  
Poudre River Trail to Prospect Road 0.85 miles
Prospect Road to Lemay Ave 1.25 miles
Lemay Avenue to College Avenue 1.25 miles
College Avenue to Shields Street 1.25 miles
Shields Street to Drake Road 0.75 miles
Drake Road to Taft Hill Road 0.42 miles
Taft Hill Road to Spring Canyon Park 1.16 miles
  Total 6.93 miles
Fossil Creek Trail  
Spring Canyon Park to Luther Lane 1.00 miles
Luther Lane to Taft Hill Road 0.75 miles
Taft Hill Road to Shields Street 1.50 miles
Mason Trail east to highway 287 Underpass 0.50 miles
College Avenue (highway 287) to Fossil Creek Park and Lemay Avenue 1.42 miles
Underpass at Trilby Rd east to Power Trail 0.97 miles
North from Carpenter Rd through Stanton Creek 0.70 miles
  Total 6.84 miles
North Branch of Fossil Creek Trail  
Strauss Cabin Road to Radiant Park 0.58 miles
Radiant Park to Brookwater Lane  0.47 miles
  Total 1.05 miles  
Power Trail  
Spring Creek Trail at EPIC to Drake Road 1.00 miles 
Drake Road to Horsetooh Road 1.00 miles
Horsetooth Road to Golden Meadows Park 0.75 miles 
Keenland Drive to Trilby Road 1.39 miles
  Total 4.14 miles
Hickory Trail  
Poudre River Trail to Hickory Street 0.50 miles
Rendezvous Trail  
Pine Cone Circle to Rigden Parkway 0.80 miles
Canal Trail (Pleasant Valley Trail)  
Horsetooth Road to City Detention Pond 0.50 miles
Northeast Main Trail  
North of Maple Hill Park 0.13 miles
Main Spur Trails  
Major spur trails to the main trail 2.00 miles
Long View Trail  
Fossil Creek Drive to Trilby 1.00 miles
Trilby to Carpenter Road 1.00 miles
Carpenter Rd to the southern terminus at Loveland's Sunset Vista Natural Area 2.00 miles
  Total 4.00 miles
  Total All Park Trails: 39.96 miles
Mason Trail *Please note: Mason Trail is maintained by Street 
Spring Creek south to Fossil Creek Trail 3.85 miles
  Total All Trails: 43.81 miles


  1. The recreational trails are open the same hours as our parks, 5 a.m.-11 p.m.
  2. There is to be NO marking on the trail system or sidewalks; this includes chalk, paint, tape, etc.
  3. A courtesy speed limit of 15 mph max for cyclists using the trail is strongly advised to keep ALL users safe.
  4. Permits are required for walks/runs taking place on the trails; only 4 competitive races are allowed per year. Cones or flags can be placed along the side of the trail to show participants the route, and must be collected at the conclusion of the event. Bike events are not allowed on the trails.
  5. The trail/sidewalk is not closed to other users during a non-competitive run/walk. Since the trail/sidewalk will remain open for other users, staggered start times, no crowding on the trail/sidewalk, and being respectful of other users is expected. This allows all to enjoy their outing on the trail.

Trail users with mobility impairments are welcome to use devices, such as Electric Assisted Bicycles, along the recreational hard surfaced trail system. All trail users are asked to follow trail etiquette, such as using an audible signal when passing and staying to the right. Cyclists should travel in a single file at a controlled speed, and be cautious of oncoming pedestrians at underpasses, bridges, and sharp/blind corners.

On April 21, 2020, the Fort Collins City Council approved City and Traffic Code updates to allow Class 1 and Class 2 e-bikes on paved trails following the completion of the pilot program, which was implemented this past year. E-bikes are not permitted on soft/natural surface trails. 

Class 1 and Class 2 e-bikes are defined as bicycles with an electric motor with a top speed of 20 miles per hour. All other e-devices or motorized devices (such as e-scooters and e-skateboards) are not allowed to be operated on the City's Parks and Natural Areas trails (unless they qualify as a personal mobility device under ADA regulations). 

  1. Travel with a companion; there is more risk after dark.
  2. Rain, snow, ice, leaves, and sand may make the trail slick and dangerous. Obey the detours if barricades are in place.
  3. Be prepared for encountering wildlife on the trail (snakes, skunks, raccoons, etc.).
  4. Keep your pets on a leash at all times. Please pick up after your pets.
  5. Minimize horse travel on hard-surface trail sections. Please pick up after horses on both hard and soft trails.
  6. Use an audible signal when passing another trail user.
  7. Stay to the right and always yield the right-of-way.
  8. Cyclists should travel single file and at a controlled speed. Please be cautious of oncoming pedestrians, especially at underpasses, bridges, and sharp/blind corners.
  9. Reduce speed before entering blind curves, switchbacks, and especially tunnels.
  10. Use a light that is visible from the front when traveling at night.

The ELS uses a series of metal signs posted every quarter mile. The signs on the Poudre and Spring Creek Trails represent the distance you are from College Avenue, either east or west. The signs are similar on the Power Trail and start at EPIC going south to Golden Meadows Park. If an incident occurs, find the nearest ELS sign and report that information to the proper authorities.

Fossil Creek Trail

8.5 miles of hard surface trail beginning at Spring Canyon Community Park. The trail extends southeast to Fossil Creek Community Park and connects with the Front Range Trail at the intersection of Carpenter Road and Lemay Avenue to access Boyd Lake State Park and the Loveland Trail System.

Long View Trail

4 miles of hard surface trail that runs alongside Shields Street in Fort Collins starting at Hilldale Drive. The trail travels south to West 57th Street in Loveland. The Long View Trail connects trail systems in Fort Collins and Loveland, passes through Hazaleus and Colina Mariposa Natural Areas, as well as Love View Farm Open Space.

Mason Trail

4 miles of hard-surface trail, which runs north/south and extends from Prospect Road to the Fossil Creek Trail. The trail runs along the Burlington Northern Sante Fe Railway property, located a few hundred feet west of College Avenue (US 287).

Poudre Trail

12.3 miles of hard-surface trail which follows the Poudre Trail from North Overland Trail to East Drake Road and connects to CSU's Environmental Learning Center.

Restrooms and drinking water are available at Lee Martinez, Old Fort Collins Heritage, and Buckingham Parks. There is also a drinking fountain at Kingfisher Point Natural Area. Note: These facilities may be closed for the winter season.

Power Trail

The Power Trail follows the west side of the Union Pacific Railroad south from Edora Park to the north of Harmony Road via Golden Meadows Park then south on McMurry Avenue and Keenland Drive to the west side of the railroad to Trilby Road and then continues south along Stanton Creek to the Carpenter Road underpass and a connection to the Larimer County Front Range Trail and the Loveland Boyd Lake trail. A future underpass of Harmony Road is planned once funding for the project can be obtained. Trail funding is primarily from Conservation Trust (Lottery) revenue. The Power Trail is approximately 4.14 paved miles.

Spring Creek Trail

6.6 miles of hard-surface trail, which runs from Spring Canyon Community Park to the confluence of Poudre River and Spring Creek, east of Timberline Road.

Restrooms and drinking water are available at Cottonwood Glen, Rolland Moore, Spring, and Edora Parks. Note: These facilities may be closed for the winter season.