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Parks Tribute Giving#

Tribute Giving Inquiry Form#

How To Apply
Use the form link below to begin the application process for either a Park Tribute Bench or Living Tribute Tree. These items are intended as tributes, but not memorials. If the terms and timelines listed below are not a fit with your expectations, we encourage you to seek other community options for giving. Unfortunately, the City is not able to accommodate special requests or exemptions to the outlines programs or processes.

What to Expect
The City of Fort Collins will make every effort to accommodate requests for desired locations, however, please keep in mind that there are other maintenance and use factors the Parks Division must consider for Tribute Benches and Trees.

The placement of benches and trees are intended to enhance the purpose for which the park was created and will be based on landscape and facility plans.

Once your application is submitted, a Parks staff member will contact you within three business days.

Submit a Tribute Bench or Tree Application

Tribute Bench#

bench outdoors

The City of Fort Collins recognizes the meaningful role of tributes in our parks and green spaces, and, acknowledges these facilities have many uses and are enjoyed by people for a variety of reasons. Tribute Benches are designed to commemorate a special event, honor a loved one, and/or show your dedication to the community. 

Tribute Benches, made of natural stone and purchased through this program, are placed within City parks and along trails in Fort Collins. The Parks Department makes every effort to install benches within six months of their approval, however, installation may be impacted by time of year, staffing demands, and availability of benches from manufacturers.

How much does a Tribute Bench cost?#

Tribute Benches are made of natural stone and cost $1,000 for a ten-year term. Your gift supports the installation and maintenance of a Tribute Bench for ten (10) years, with the option to renew at $500 for another 10 years.

What can I engrave on my bench?#

Tribute Benches are intended to complement our parks with a positive, reflective, and celebratory tone - versus a somber tone. Tribute Benches are not memorial markers or designed for cemetery settings, so birth and death dates, or in “In Memory Of”, are not permitted.

Plaque engraving will be approved by the Parks Department. 

Where will my bench be placed?#

The number of Tribute Benches are limited to not interfere with normal park use or maintenance operations or detract from the prime recreational purpose of an area. 

The City of Fort Collins will make every effort to accommodate location requests, however, please keep in mind that there are operations, maintenance and use factors taken into consideration, including Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) guidelines.  

At this time, there are no available bench locations at City Park, Edora Park, Cottonwood Hollow Park, Rolland Moore Tennis Center, Library Park, Poudre River Whitewater Park, Crescent Park, or Sugar Beet Park.  

Who will maintain the bench?#

Your tax-deductible gift will be used to purchase the bench, and it will be installed by the Fort Collins Park team, who will maintain the bench.  

The City reserves the right to remove any memorials that have been damaged, and is, in view of City staff, beyond repair. 

Your gift supports the installation and maintenance of a Tribute Bench for ten (10) years with the option to renew at $500 for another 10 years. Or, the tribute plaque will be made available for pick-up. It is the responsibility of the donor to retrieve the removed plaque within 60 days. 

When will my bench be installed?#

The time frame between the initial request and the installation of the requested bench may vary greatly depending on the location and time of year. Please maintain reasonable expectations. 

Living Tribute Tree#

tree branch with small leaf

Give a gift that will last a lifetime. The City of Fort Collins’ Living Tribute Tree program is the perfect way to honor someone special. Your donation of $500 covers the cost of the tree, planting, and ongoing costs associated with the installation and care of trees placed on City property, in parks and along trails. 

How much does a Living Tribute Tree cost?#

Fees are approximately $500 per tree. The cost provides a deciduous tree that is approximately 2.25" in diameter or a conifer that is 6' in height, watering of the tree, and long-term maintenance and replacement fees.

Where will my tree be planted?#

The tree type, species, and location are the purview of the City’s Forestry landscape and facility plan, and the department staff. 

Living Tribute trees will be located to maximize benefit to an area but minimize the impact on normal park use and maintenance operations.  

Please indicate on the application if you would like to have a tree planted in a specific park. In some cases, the City Forestry staff may need to recommend an alternate park location to you as not all parks have space for additional trees. 

The number of tree dedications within the city may, at any time, be limited or temporarily placed on hold, based on available maintenance resources such as staff, contract services, water restrictions, and/or other factors. 

When will my tree be planted?#

To maximize the tree’s ability to thrive and grow, we plant our trees in early spring and late fall, before the trees have leafed out or after the leaves have fallen.  We will let you know when and where your tree is planted. 

The Forestry Division needs a minimum of two weeks from receipt of your living tribute request to finalize and arrange for tree planting. Donations of several trees may take longer. Tree planting is a seasonal activity and occurs primarily in the spring and fall. 

Can I come to the tree planting?#

Your involvement in planting or attendance is encouraged. Living Tribute Trees are planted by Forestry Staff, who will coordinate a time for planting with you.

Who will maintain and care for my tree?#

The Forestry Division supplies, plants and cares for your Living Tribute Tree. The cost of a Living Tribute Tree is $500 and provides a deciduous tree that is approximately 2.25" in diameter or a conifer that is 6' in height. 

Every effort will be made to support the tree growth, while being cognizant of nature dictating the lifespan. One replacement within the ten year timeframe is applicable.