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Available Rental Facilities & Spaces#

Are you looking for a place to hold your next event? The City of Fort Collins Parks Department offers great spaces available to rent for events, meetings, parties and much more!

There is one reservable shelter in each of the following Community Parks designed for groups of 200 people or less:

  • Edora Park
  • City Park
  • Rolland Moore Park
  • Fossil Creek Park
  • Spring Canyon Community Park

There is one reservable shelter in each of the following parks designed for groups of 50 people or less:

  • Fossil Creek Park
  • Greenbriar Park
  • Overland Park
  • Lee Martinez Park
  • Twin Silo Park
  • Spring Park

For availability and reservations, call the Parks Department at 970.221.6660. 

Fields must be reserved/scheduled for games and practices. Review the Field & Facilities Guidelines for information on reserving fields. 

Scheduled practice times are 1.5 hours from 4-5:30 p.m.; 5:30-7 p.m.; or 7-8:30 p.m.

Fields do not have to be reserved for practice; drop-ins are welcome if the fields are open for use. Please note, if a ball field has been prepped, this would indicate a game is scheduled to occur; do not use a prepped field for practice. Additionally, if a team shows confirmation of field reservation drop-in users must leave the field.

If fields are closed for any reason notices will be posted at the park. Adhere to all closure notices so that fields may be reopened and ready for play.

The Parks Department relies on coaches to make practice/game-time decisions. Some of the following are reasons to cancel:

  • Standing Water on the Field(s)
  • Fields are Slippery or Unsafe
  • Turf Tears Underfoot
  • Drought Related Conditions

2021 Reservations

2021 Data

2021 Field and Facility Guidelines
2021 Outdoor User Fees
2021 Time Lines
2021 Ballfield List (subject to change)
2021 Turf List (subject to change) Turf Fields are grass; the City does not have any artificial/synthetic fields.

Please Note: Turf and Ballfield lists are subject to change and may be updated throughout the season for various reasons.

  • Turf fields are prepped for the type of event prior to the first game played on that field.
  • Soccer goals are placed on fields (by Club and/or Organization reserving the field for games) prior to their first game on that field.
  • Soccer goals are not the property of the Parks Department.
  • Teams can set up portable goals (not staked) during practice, but the goals may not be left on site.
  • Bases are provided for games only at Community Park ball fields. (Rolland Moore Park, Edora Park, Fossil Creek Park, Lee Martinez Park, Spring Canyon Park, Twin Silo & City Park).
  • Ball teams must provide their own bases for games at Neighborhood Park ball fields.
  • Ball teams must provide their own bases for practices at ALL ball fields.
  • Bases must be compatible with the deadmen; if they are not fitting, do not force.
  • If fields are closed for any reason a "closed" sign will be posted and/or bollards will be in place. Please respect the "closed" sign/bollards and refrain from play on that field so that it can be reopened and ready for play in a timely manner.

These maps are all-inclusive of where the turf field(s) are located and laid out at the park. They do not reflect the availability of the turf field(s).

The City of Fort Collins requires event permits for events planned at a City park or trail. Events which require permits include (but are not limited to):

  • Events with 250-2,500 attendees
  • Commercial use of the park with 15+ attendees and/or use of the park more than once per week/month.
  • Any event planning to have a bounce house or other apparatus. 
  • A walk/run/race on a City trail or within a City park. 
  • An event using a skate park, BMX track, disc golf course, archery range, or horseshoe pits. 

*Permits must be obtained at least ten days prior to the event date. 

Park Event Permit Application

The Showmobile can be reserved for events throughout the City of Fort Collins. Reservation for the Showmobile must be made no later than two weeks prior to the event date.

Showmobile Request Form

Park Rental Guidelines and Informationhighlight_off

Learn more about what is and is not allowed at the parks as well as information regarding reservable shelters. 

Learn More

Tennis Court Reservationshighlight_off

Interested in reserving tennis or pickleball courts for your next event? Contact Lews Tennis School at 970.493.7000.

*Tennis and pickleball courts are available for drop-in use. 

Vending in Parkshighlight_off

Vending is allowed in Parks as long as the vendor has been invited by the event organizer to be a part of a sanctioned (permitted) event taking place at the park and has a Sales Tax License. The Sales Tax License must be visibly displayed. All other vending rules and requirements must be adhered to including, but not limited to, health codes, insurance requirements, and safety.

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