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Where is your office located?

The Parks Division has four shop locations:

  • Main Park Shop | 413 S. Bryan Ave.
  • Downtown Shop | 220 N. Howes St.
  • Fossil Creek Shop | 5833 S. Lemay Ave.
  • Spring Canyon Shop | 3156 S. Overland Trl.
Why do I see signs and bollards stating the turf fields are closed?

Each season, fields that received too much use during the previous season are closed for repair. Repair may mean growing new grass or simply letting the turf "rest." The bollards are a reminder to the community that we are requesting that they not use that particular turf area in order to give the turf a chance to heal in preparation for the next season.

Do I have to make a reservation for park shelters?

Reservations are only required if you would like exclusive use of a shelter.

There are five shelters in the City that can be reserved:

  • Shelter #2 at Rolland Moore Park
  • Shelter #7 at City Park
  • The lake pavilion at Fossil Creek Park
  • The north shelter at Spring Canyon Park
  • Shelter #1 at Edora Park. 

All other park shelters are drop-in only (first come first serve.) For more information about our shelters, please see our shelter web page.

Why would the Parks Division have sprinklers on during the day?

The Parks Division will plant new seed or sod in damaged or new turf areas. In order to establish the grass, we have to water it frequently, which includes short watering cycles during the day.

They also perform frequent irrigation checks to ensure the sprinkling systems are watering at an efficient level and conserving water to the utmost extent. This requires turning on the irrigation zones to make sure they are functioning properly.

What are the hours of the water features?

The water features are open from Memorial Day through Labor Day, 9 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Where is the lost and found located?

The Parks Division has three lost and found locations:

  • Main Parks Office | 970-221-6761
  • Fossil Creek Park Office | 970-416-2226
  • Spring Canyon Park Office | 970-416-2428
Where are the dog parks located within the City?

The dog parks are located at Fossil Creek, Spring Canyon, Twin Silo, and Soft Gold parks.

Who do I call to complain about barking dogs or aggressive dogs in the dog parks?

Call Animal Control at 970-226-3647 or the City Nuisance Hotline at 970-416-2220.

Who can I call to complain about weeds in my neighbor's yard?

All weed complaints can be directed to the Nuisance Hotline at 970-416-2200.

Who do I call for questions concerning firewood access, boat registration, hunting, fishing, camping, or Horsetooth Reservoir?

You can call the Larimer County Parks and Open Lands office at 970-679-4570.

Are there grills available at the shelters, may I bring my own grill to the Park?

There are charcoal grills available at the reservable shelters and other various shelters throughout the park system. Guests bring their own charcoal to grill and can leave the coals in that grill after use. Guests can bring in a portable gas grill or charcoal grill as long as something similar to a tarp/cardboard is placed under the grill to catch any grease drippings.  Coals from a personal grill need to be hauled out by the guest.


What is the distance around Sheldon Lake at City Park?

.65 miles

What is the distance, using the sidewalks, around City Park?

1.2 miles

What is the distance around the path at Spring Canyon Park?

1.6 miles

What are the distances of the paths in Fossil Creek Park?
  • The loop around the park on the east/north sidewalk is 1.1 miles
  • The trail from the west parking lot to Lemay is .6 miles or 3000 feet.
  • The distance around the oval is .4 mile or 1900 feet.
  • The distance from the sidewalk junction, just west of the maintenance building and the Fossil Creek Trail, north to the skate park area, then west to the ballfields, and finally to the Fossil Creek Trails at the west parking lot is .5 miles or 2,700 feet.