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Parks Infrastructure Replacement Program (IRP)#

The Parks Infrastructure Replacement Program (IRP), formerly the Life Cycle Program, is an asset management program that was initiated in 1993. The program provides project management services for the replacement and/or renovation of the aging park system infrastructure. The park system infrastructure includes over 1,000 varied park assets within many different component categories including: hardscapes, buildings, fields, trails, courts, structures, playgrounds, irrigation, medians, water, ADA improvements, and others.  

The goals of the Infrastructure Replacement Program are to:  

  •         Replace or restore components to substantially the same original condition, purpose, and efficiency
  •         Bring new components up to current codes and guidelines
  •         Follow the Park Department's mission to provide excellent care of parks and public spaces for the community

Projects are prioritized based on available funding; focusing on health and safety concerns and regulatory mandates. The program also looks for opportunities to replace outdated, resource-intensive infrastructure with more sustainable infrastructure that meets current codes and best management practices.

The Infrastructure Replacement Program is essential to keeping park facilities and infrastructure safe and in usable condition while enhancing the infrastructure and supporting the growing demands in the parks. The Program is imperative to preserving equity within the City to ensure that every household, regardless of the age of the neighborhood, is served.

Review the IRP Management Plan

Component Categories#

The Program supports repair, replacement and renovation of more than 1,000 varied park assets within many different component categories as described through the link below. 

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