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The Green River Ordinance

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Found at Sections 15-106 through 15-108 of the City Code, prohibits all door-to-door commercial solicitations at private residences in the City. It also prohibits all kinds of door-to-door solicitations, including those by charitable, political, or religious organizations or by newspapers or magazines, when a "No Trespassing" or a "No Solicitation" sign is posted.

In addition, the Green River Ordinance prohibits door hangers or the deposit of other promotional materials on public or private property if a "No Trespassing," "No Solicitation" or "No Posting" sign is posted. Finally, the Green River Ordinance prohibits attempts to gain, by telephone or otherwise, an invitation to visit a private residence for purposes of solicitation, by knowingly making a false or deceptive representation or statement.

The Green River Ordinance is enforced on a complaint basis, and complaints regarding violations should be directed to the Police Department at 221-6540. A summons may be written into Municipal Court if a violation is deemed to have occurred. A police officer does not need to be present at the time the alleged violation occurs; however, if the officer is not present, the person filing the complaint must testify if the matter is to be prosecuted.

If you have further questions regarding provisions of the Green River Ordinance, please contact the Police Department at 221-6540.

Legal Aid

The City Attorney's Office advises City Council and City officials and employees relating to their official powers and duties. The City Attorney's Office does not represent private citizens. If you are a full-time, fee-paying CSU student with a current activity card, you can obtain legal aid from CSU Student Legal Services, located in Room 200 of the Lory Student Center or at 491-1482.

CSU Student Legal Services can advise students on any legal matter except criminal felonies, personal injury suits and matters involving the University. Larimer County residents whose income falls below certain levels can obtain legal services regarding civil matters from Colorado Rural Legal Services, located at 424 Pine Street or at 493-2891. Colorado Rural Legal Services can advise Larimer County residents on civil matters only.

The Larimer County Bar Association sponsors a weekly intake session on Wednesday afternoons for qualifying low income individuals. These sessions deal primarily with divorce and child custody issues and landlord/tenant issues. For additional information on this program please call 490-6082.

If you are seeking court-appointed counsel for a Municipal Court matter, please contact Municipal Court at 221-6800. If you are seeking court-appointed counsel for a criminal matter in County or District Court, you should contact the Public Defender's Office at 493-1212, which is located at #1 Old Town Square, Suite 200. Those numbers again are: CSU Student Services, 491-1482; Colorado Rural Legal Services, 493-2891; and Public Defender's Office, 493-1212.

Tenant/Landlord Disputes

The City Attorney of Fort Collins does not offer legal services relating to landlord/tenant disputes as this is a private matter between two private parties. Citizens with landlord/tenant disputes can consult a private attorney or seek answers through the City's landlord-Tenant Handbook (PDF), a guide to general landlord-tenant law and relations. Additionally, mediation services for common landlord tenant disputes originating within the City of Fort Collins can be requested by calling Neighborhood Services, 224-6022.

Public Defender/District Attorney's Office

The Public Defender is a lawyer employed by the State of Colorado to represent individuals accused of crimes prosecuted in the District and County Courts. The Public Defender does not handle civil lawsuits or municipal court cases. The Public Defender is located at #1 Old Town Square, Suite 200, in Fort Collins, and the telephone number is 493-1212.

The District Attorney's office is a state government office, which represents the State of Colorado by prosecuting all criminal matters in County and District court. If you have a question about such criminal matters, please contact 498-7200.

Municipal Court Tickets

If you have received a pink ticket, then you are scheduled to appear in Municipal Court. (Municipal Court is located on the first floor of 215 N Mason Avenue, Fort Collins, Colorado). If the ticket is for a traffic infraction and is non-accident related, you have two options:

  • The first option is to pay your ticket either by mail or in person at Municipal Court. By using the "early payment" method, you will avoid court costs and, in the case of a moving violation, a one-point reduction for your offense.
  • The second option is to contest the ticket. Citizens wishing to contest a ticket must appear at the date and time shown on your ticket. This is the arraignment date. At the arraignment, you are advised of your rights and will be given an opportunity to speak to one of the two municipal court prosecutors to discuss your ticket.

If the ticket is for a misdemeanor violation, then you must appear at the date and time shown on your ticket for you arraignment. At the arraignment, you will be advised of your rights and will be given an opportunity to speak to one of the two municipal court prosecutors to discuss your ticket.

Please keep in mind that the prosecutors cannot give you legal advice because they represent the City. If you and the prosecutor do not reach a plea agreement regarding your ticket, you then have the option of setting the matter for trial before the Municipal Court Judge.

If you have received a camera radar or red light ticket by certified mail, you may pay the ticket by mail or in person to the municipal court clerk. If you refuse to accept the ticket sent by certified mail, you will be personally served by an officer and will be assessed the fee for service in addition to your fine.

Should you need additional procedural information regarding your ticket, please contact Municipal Court at 221-6800.

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