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Bicycle Friendly Driver Program#

The Bicycle Friendly Driver program is a 1.5 hour interactive class, taught by Bicycle Ambassadors, that is aimed at educating all drivers on the best and safest ways to share the road with people on bicycles. The class addresses:

  • Why sharing the road is the safest alternative for all road users
  • What's legal and what's not legal
  • Common crashes and how to avoid them
  • Why bicyclists "take the lane" and what you should do in response while driving
  • How to navigate bicycle and pedestrian related infrastructure like sharrows, bike boxes, toucans, etc.

Business Sessions#

You can request a Bicycle Friendly Driver Class by sending an email to or by calling 970-224-6112.

View a list of businesses and organizations that have hosted Bicycle Friendly Driver classes

Public Sessions#

Fort Collins

Register for Fort Collins public classes here:


Upon successful completion of the class, participants will receive a Bicycle Friendly Driver certificate and sticker which can be displayed on their vehicle.

For more information contact Lauren Nagle: or 970-224-6112

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