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Fall/Winter Recreator#

kids on csu sports field

The Fall/Winter Recreator is here! 

Printed copies were mailed to all current recreation participants the week of July 24, and were made available at recreation facilities by July 31. For now, browse the digital version through an interactive flipbook or the downloadable PDF

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Registration Details#

In an effort to serve the Fort Collins community better, the Recreation Department has made a few updates to the registration dates for the upcoming season. 

calendar dates

For the fastest service, we highly recommend registering online or in person. Phone coverage will be limited at facilities - please expect at least 24 hours before messages will be returned. 

Need help registering? Give us a call at 970-221-6655.

  Spring Recreator Summer Recreator Fall/Winter Recreator
Recreator Release  Week of Dec. 26, 2023 Week of March 25 Week of July 29
Registration Day Adult Programs: Jan. 9

Youth & Family Programs: 
Jan. 11

Summer Day Camps: Feb. 1
Adult Programs: April 9

Youth & Family Programs: April 11

Adult Programs: Aug. 6

Youth & Family Programs: Aug. 8

Registration Options#

Online In Person Over the Phone

Registering online is typically the most efficient way to enroll in programs.

  1. Select the Register Online button below
  2. Enter your Household ID number
  3. Enter your password

Register Now!

Visit one of the following Recreation facilities to register in person.

Call 970-221-6655 and speak with any facility front desk representative to register over the phone.

Please note, phone coverage will be limited on registration day. Please expect at least 24 hours before messages will be returned.

Things to Know#

  • Please register at least one week before the first class. Class cancellations are typically made five days before the class start date. If class enrollments are below the minimum requirement, the class may be canceled or combined with another.
  • Registrations cannot be approved by an instructor, coach, or official.

Refunds, Transfers, & Cancellations#


Unless otherwise noted, the following refund policy applies to all Recreation programs:

  • Refund requests must be made before the second class begins (or during the first week of sports practices). For fitness programs, refund requests must be made 24 hours prior to class start time.
  • Programs that only meet once may receive a refund no later than one week prior to the scheduled program start date.
  • Ticketed events are either non-refundable or have a date specified as the last day to receive a refund.
  • Material fees are non-refundable.
  • Refund options include:
    • A full credit to your Recreation household account.
    • Check or credit refund; minus a $5 service charge per program.
    • For refunds less than $5, a Recreation household credit is offered.
  • Note: Trips & Travel and Outdoor Recreation programs have additional cancelation policies. View the specific program description for more information or contact to learn more about a specific program or trip.


  • Recreation may cancel programs at staff’s discretion. If a program is canceled for any reason, you will receive a full refund or credit.
  • Recreation staff can assist you in finding another program to meet your needs.


  • Transfers between programs may occur free of charge, prior to the second meeting of the class on a space-available basis.
  • Note: if the new program costs more than the original program, the participant is responsible for paying the difference; alternatively, if the program costs less than the original program, the participant will be given the difference as a credit on the appropriate Recreation household account.
  • If your age, grade level, or ability does not meet the minimum requirements, you will be transferred to a program that better suits your needs.


The Recreation Reserve Fund enables the City of Fort Collins to provide and sustain high quality recreation services and facilities. To ensure future needs are met, $1 per program enrollment and $2 per hour during facility room rentals are allocated to reserves for future Recreation use. These fees are not discountable.

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